Some Recent Presidential Candidates

Al Gore
John Kerry
Barack Obama
John McCain
Mitt Romney

None of the five know anything about science, and all five are determined to “control the climate.

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16 Responses to Some Recent Presidential Candidates

  1. Gunny G says:

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  2. NavarreAggie says:

    They’re also all democrats. LOL

  3. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    They can’t control spending….or their mouths most of the time.

  4. Don’t worry, Jeb will be a something to whatever it is you don’t like about those guys.

    (I’m going to vote for a tin of tuna in 2016)

  5. 1hazeleyes says:

    I’m newby; almost fainted at the common sense expressed here.

  6. Eliza says:

    The only peson in gOP with any chance is Rubio

  7. Eliza says:


    • Send Al to the Pole says:

      Rubio will sabotage with amnesty. Anytime you find yourself co-sponsoring with McStain and Schumer you’ve run off the rails. Rand Paul actually will be able to bring some of his father’s contingent and a lot of the GOP mainstream. Not that Rand is the best candidate either. My personal favorite is Allen West. Maybe Ted Nugent for Veep.

  8. philjourdan says:

    And only Obama succeeded. he stopped the oceans from rising. /sarc.

  9. Where has the donation button gone?

  10. David A says:

    Romney talked both sides of the aisle, but his energy policy would have been drastically different, and far better then Obama’s. The universal bureaucratic nightmare in all fields of business which Obama has expanded with utter disregard for profit and effective management is stupendous In this area, as well as understanding of business costs and operations, Romney was diametrically different then Obama.

    • B says:

      A Romney administration would have continued the fascist/corporatist system and its expansion. At best it would have favored somewhat different players than Obama’s but on a principle level it would have been little different.

  11. Finally spells out an unstoppable coalition:

    “Ralph Nader’s America: Impeach Obama, decriminalize drugs, libertarians & progressives unite!”

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