Another Alarmist Theory Bites The Dust

Climate experts say that spring snow cover is on the decline. As usual, they have no idea what they are talking about. Five of the last seven years have been above normal for week 13 North American snow cover.

ScreenHunter_91 May. 01 07.08Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

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4 Responses to Another Alarmist Theory Bites The Dust

  1. There Is No Substitute for Victory. says:

    Thomas R. Malthus and his disaster theory of future human development makes it impossible for those yearning for the apocalypse to see the real world around them.

    Sure they don’t see record snow cover as a repudiation of Global Warming but instead see it as proof of impending disaster. However the Malthusians also see no snow cover as well as permafrost as proof of man made Global Warming. To the Malthusian Left everything that man touches is a disaster. It has to be a disaster if the Malthusians are ever to have any hope of ruling and controlling every human on Earth.

    • Brian H says:

      Malthusians aka Progressives aka Fabians aka Eugenicists want and plan disaster only for the Masses-to-be-Culled.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Another chart showing absolutely nothing going on with the climate. Defund this scam and put this baby to sleep.

  3. Phil Jones says:

    We will never see THIS type of Statistic on Huff Po.

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