Heavy Rain In 1956

On July 4, 1956 Unionville, Maryland received 1.23 inches of rain in one minute. The world’s record.

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4 Responses to Heavy Rain In 1956

  1. ChrisV says:

    That’s amazing. If that had happened today it would surely be blamed on human caused climate change. I can see it now, co2 heated the atmophere which now holds more water vapor, which produces more and heavier precipitation, etc.. you get the idea!

  2. Andy says:

    How do you accurately measure this? I mean at a weather station. Weather stations work on longer time scales than this. What evidence is there and how reliable is it especially from the last century?

    As a scientist those are my first thoughts.

    ChrisV , rather than be amazed and then using it to back up your preconceptions perhaps we need to understand more about the event first?


    Steve, looking forward to the evidence. I’m on a roll tonight with your blog, enjoying it immensely. Always good to see your polar posts of course, even though we disagree mainly the work by you on these is appreciated.


  3. James the Elder says:

    Hurricane Camille dumped over two feet as it passed over Nelson County, VA, but some locals swore that empty 55 gallon drums overflowed. TS/Hurricane Gaston in 2004 paid Richmond, VA a visit and stayed a while dumping nearly 13 inches in only a few hours.

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