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Totalitarians Always Start By Confiscating Guns And Ammunition

The New York Times reports : KIEV, Ukraine — It is by now a well-established pattern. Armed, masked men in their 20s to 40s storm a public building of high symbolic value in a city somewhere in eastern Ukraine, evict … Continue reading

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Shock News : Scientists Caught Doing Some Actual Science

Ninety percent of “sea level rise” is subsidence. Another global warming scam bites the dust. Forget global warming and melting polar caps – groundwater extraction is causing cities to SINK beneath sea level Ground is dropping up to 10 times faster than … Continue reading

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Disturbing News About The Polar Meltdown

It is possible that Antarctic sea ice area may have moved permanently above “normal.” When Hansen predicted peak sea ice loss around Antarctica, this is exactly what he meant. iphone.anomaly.antarctic.png (512×412)

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NOAA Vs. The White House

The White House says that historic cold slowed the economy this winter. NOAA says it wasn’t that cold, after they get done tampering with the data.

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