Guardian Believes That They Are Entitled To Spew Hate Speech

The Guardian, and progressives in general, believe that they have been granted special dispensation to spew rabid hate speech as part of their standard mindless non sequitur rants.

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What climate denial, oil addiction and xenophobia have in common: Neocons

Progressives believe that their all consuming hatred and anger, grants them cover for their carbon footprints.

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15 Responses to Guardian Believes That They Are Entitled To Spew Hate Speech

  1. Ben Vorlich says:

    I never read the Guardian, most newspaper reders in the UK don’t either.

  2. Brian G Valentine says:

    Well, Guardian removed my comment within 15 seconds of posting it, which is a record for them, and I must say that the tone of their liberal vomit has become increasingly shrill of late.

  3. Jeff says:

    They’re obviously getting very desperate. The flaw is obvious for everyone to see. This was never about science and always about building a popular movement. The problem is that it isn’t too popular.

    • Brian G Valentine says:

      It really sounds like the fare that was served in the Socialist Worker’s Daily that was circulated about forty years ago in microscopic numbers in the USA, it probably had a following of about sixty readers, and for some reason Guardian has assumed there has been a sudden appetite for it.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Breitbart London is a rollicking good read every day, with bonus Delingpole. No wonder the Guardianistas don’t like it.

  5. Bob Greene says:

    Pretty standard fare: anti-science, big oil, climate-denier. I’ve always wondered how they can do the “climate denier” routine. I don’t know anyone who denies there is a climate. Usually, the anti-science tag is used by those who never took a science course after middle school.

  6. TheJollyGreenMan says:

    Bob, you forgot to mention the evils of fracking and genetically modified food which is a conspiracy to poison us all, that despite the fact that people are living longer.

  7. philjourdan says:

    The left has to invent new terms every day in order to keep their hatred fresh.

    The idiot has no idea what he is talking about. But he heard the term, so he decided to use it.

  8. Pathway says:

    The word neocon is progressive code for international jew and we all know what needs to happen to jews. Right.

  9. Keitho says:

    Reading the Guardian used to make me cross. Nowadays it just makes me sad. Sad to see how thoroughly mindless the readers can be in their comments and sad to see how such erudite writers can be such degenerates.

  10. Jimbo says:

    There are still sane people around. Here is a commenter over at the Guardian.

    I have been on the left all my life. I became a radical lefty in 1968 and spent the best part of the following ten years as a full time activist. I have remained committed and active politically on the left all my life, much of that time I would have also described myself as an environmentalist.

    It breaks my heart to see the damage that green ideology has done to the left. The way it has diverted vast amounts of political energy away from the things that can be put right, like ending poverty, and instead seduced people into campaigning about things they cannot change like the climate. It’s shocking the way that the idea that humans are causing dangerous global warming has become some sort of unquestionable totem of someone political correctness……………..

    Comrades please don’t seed scepticism to the right, that would be an immense strategic blunder. Please don’t shut down or shut out sceptical and free debate, there is much that is unclear and uncertain,…………..

  11. Frankie says:

    The joy is that they are being driven to produce these rabid and increasingly outrageous pieces as desperate click bait for their website due to diminishing circulation. It seems even the upstanding and right on Graun has bowed before the dark force of shareholders & advertising revenue from CIF numbers. Ha ha delicious irony. The most active thing I think anyone can do in this situation is not click and watch the Graun audience emerge slimily from an ever decreasing pond of collective scum.

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