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A Big Threat To The Global Warming Consensus

The global warming “consensus” has been maintained by silencing scientists through funding. Those who don’t tow the line, don’t get paid. 97% of scientists understand that. But as more scientists retire, their interest turns towards setting the record straight. Once they … Continue reading

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Guardian Believes That They Are Entitled To Spew Hate Speech

The Guardian, and progressives in general, believe that they have been granted special dispensation to spew rabid hate speech as part of their standard mindless non sequitur rants. What climate denial, oil addiction and xenophobia have in common: Neocons Progressives believe … Continue reading

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Understanding Global Warming, In Three Easy Steps

Government believes they can control people by controlling the amount of available energy Government believes that they control the amount of available energy, by cutting off low cost, abundant fossil fuels Government pays huge amounts of money to people posing as … Continue reading

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Closing The Gap

Just had an enlightening dinner with Bill Gray. An hour with Bill is more educational than a lifetime of reading global warming research. Bill explained tonight that the recent spell of ice ages (~3 million years ago) coincided with the … Continue reading

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