The New Nazis

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Conservatives, evil and psychopathy: Science makes the link! –

Change the word “conservatives” to “Jews” or “blacks” and you have a hate crime prosecuted by the DOJ.

Progressives have risen to the level of Nazis in 1930’s Germany. You would think that someone named “Rosenberg” would have a better understanding of the consequences of raising hatred against other groups.

Paul Rosenberg should understand “awfulness.” He is the face of it.

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28 Responses to The New Nazis

  1. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    Salon? Complete idiots.

  2. Chuck L says:

    This hack writes for Al Jazeera. Perfect.

  3. Jeffersonian says:

    “as people become more social dominant, they become more psychopathic”

    I concur with such a reiteration of “power corrupts” as it applies to conservatives—and progressives and Christians and Muslims and Buddhists and atheist academics and uptowners and downtowners and monster truck Bubbahs and schoolmarms and preachers and CEOs and union bosses and community organizers and activists and Salon authors everybody else—including myself.

    This world is a mad, mad house of desperate, over-crowded, power-hungry hairless great apes.

    “When they get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, they will become corrupt as in Europe.” ~Thomas Jefferson, letter to Martha Jefferson Randolph, December 23, 1790

    “I view great cities as pestilential to the morals, the health and the liberties of man.” ~Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr. Benjamin Rush, September 23, 1800

  4. Pathway says:

    Locked and loaded.

  5. Sterling?! A life-long Democrat? A guy with a life-time achievement award from the NAACP? He’s considered a conservative? Yeah, Salon, good job doing basic research.

  6. tom0mason says:

    Change the word “conservatives” to “progressives” or “democrats” and you’ll have a hateful little ‘stompy feet in chief’ ensure DOJ, IRS, NSA, and EPA prosecute you, or worse.

  7. Gamecock says:

    They don’t know what conservatism is. They are attacking their strawman of conservatism, which exists only in their mind.


    “Psychosis is a symptom or feature of mental illness typically characterized by radical changes in personality, impaired functioning, and a distorted or nonexistent sense of objective reality.”

    Mr. Rosenberg is in need of professional help; he is disconnected from reality.

    • Jeffersonian says:

      Don’t become them. /wiki/Political_abuse_of_psychiatry#Soviet_Union

      “You’re attached to what you attack. That is the tar baby principle.” ~Robert Anton Wilson

    • gregole says:

      Thanks Gamecock,

      I’m not sure who this guy is even talking about. Not me and I am a life-long conservative; I revere life, for example, the wholesale slaughter of wildlife by wind power is appalling.

      I believe in charity and alleviating human misery and poverty.

      I am a pacifist, even being retired military, I hate warfare. Sometimes, to combat evil, or defend the homeland, it is necessary. Only then.

      One doesn’t believe in God? Fine with me, but I live a life of revelation in God’s grace, which I share with all suffering humanity I meet, doing my best to cheer people on, encourage and help my fellow brothers and sisters.

      I believe in enlightenment and learning through steady, determined application of rationality.

      I believe in time-honored traditions, and time-honored institutions. I honor and bow in gratitude to our past generations – without their contributions, sadly most of them unrecognized, we would still be in caves.

      I am not the only one. Too bad currently both political parties in the US have abandoned conservatives.

      We are certainly not sociopaths. Could be some projection going on here!

  8. They haven’t risen to the level of 1930s Nazis. They’ve always held “anti-science,” “anti-progress” conservatives were subhuman. If it weren’t for the Soviet Union, progressives would have latched onto Hitler, not Stalin, as their icon.

  9. dmmcmah says:

    Pure BS. Rush Limbaugh didn’t “rush to the defense” of Sterling from what I heard.

    • Gamecock says:

      Rosenberg et al never listen to Rush. They attack what they think Rush would say, not what he actually says. They are psycho.

      • _Jim says:

        Preferences for these ‘writers’ run to using dispatches issued (think: a wound producing prodigious amounts of puss and other disease ‘discharges’) from an outlet called “media m@tters”. A veritable cesspool of disinformation and altered reality.

        One wonders how as one-sided an organization like media m@tters can be claim a categorization under IRS rule 501(c)(3) as a tax-exempt organization … perhaps we can get a lefty to explain this to some mutual level of satisfaction, or maybe not.


  10. D. Self says:

    The crap is just going to get worse until the Libs loose their arse this fall.

    • Mike D says:

      Doesn’t actually change when they lose. They just do a better job of keeping it to themselves. Ala Nancy Pelosi before she had comrades to pass legislation, was talking balanced budget and responsibility. The instant they had the Senate and Presidency, they threw every single pet cause from the last few decades into the stimulus and passed it in one shot.

  11. Chuck says:

    People like Rosenberg people lack intelligent thought. They strive off stereotypes, surround themselves with people who think exactly like them and have no intellectual curiosity . They are the master model of intolerance and hate.

  12. philjourdan says:

    The new Nazis same as the old Nazis. The left has never strayed far from its roots.

  13. Hugh K says:

    I don’t know….I want to believe him. Paul Rosenberg appears quite skilled in the defense of awfulness….after all, he vigorously defends this ‘scientific’ study.

  14. catweazle666 says:

    Science? Looks like something from the Loopy Lewandowsky/John Cook/SS school.

  15. Andy DC says:

    The are the same people who want gulags for climate change “deniers”. Not exactly the most warm and fuzzy people on earth.

  16. Mike D says:

    If you’ve ever read the actual studies, what happens is the interpretation is where they basically just come up with whatever view they want to get across. Similar to AGW. There’s data, and they look for things that they can make into what they want, and then they come up with one explanation consistent with their bias. The problem is the studies are hard to get a copy of, while the summaries and headlines are plastered all over the place. Same gullible crowd falls for it.

    • Mike D says:

      I should give an example. So there will be some observation that they can use to say conservatives were more cautious as children. Then that turns into racism, xenophobia, reasons to cling to religion, deference to the status quo or authority, or whatever they want to say about it.

      My alternative explanation is that liberals are gullible, fail to plan ahead because of their failure to understand the risks of situations, and simplistic in thinking other people and situations are just like the situations they’ve already seen before. I guaranteed I can stamp that onto the observations of these studies, just as they stamp their views onto those same observations.

  17. Sparks says:

    is the word “Gringo” a racist slur?

  18. slimething says:

    You can’t make this stuff up

    “If two Democratic lawmakers have their way, Barack Obama’s Justice Department will submit a report for action against any Internet sites, broadcast, cable television or radio shows determined to be advocating or encouraging “violent acts.”

    • Mike D says:

      The one thing good about these attempts is it even freaks out the young people who are otherwise liberal or big government fans. Because it lands in their lap due to all the things they’ve posted in their lives. Another example is the IRS being used for political purposes doesn’t phase them, but the NSA stuff does.

  19. Sundance says:

    I wonder how long it will take Progressive Universities to offer a science course on the sub-human nature of conservatives? The Progressive eugenics Movement has never been stronger.

  20. Pseudonym says:

    What tha fuhg?!

    This is absolutely insane. Some part of me believes that subjectively indignant and self-righteous pundits like Limbaugh make this an easy statement to pass as “free speech” and not “hate”, but then I begin to wonder why subjectively indignant and self-righteous pundits on the left get a free-pass . . . no, that couldn’t be any kind of conspiracy, because I’m not taking anti-psychotics – nor am I wearing tin foil on my head. You’d have to sit inside a proper Faraday Cage for that to work properly anyway – what am I saying?! So, I guess I could just respond by saying “Oh God!”, but since it is somehow an absolute “scientific fact” that I am actually a mutant ape with allusive ancestors and a miracle of a continually impossible lottery, and somehow an absolute “scientific fact” that mutant apes who believe in God are the reason human beings are often ignorant and evil, and since saying anything about God makes me consider a power greater than my government . . . maybe I will just repeat “What tha fuhg?!”

    But Limbaugh . . . that man is perhaps the greatest cause of celibacy among conservative men today. Those “sluts” were the only women left in our society who’d take a poor poet. I hope he’s fuhggin proud, God bless his soul.

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