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The Alarmist Debate Standard

The new standard for alarmist debate is to respond to rational thought with non sequitur hate speech.    i.e. anyone who lacks faith in the global warming religion is a young earth creationist Think the climate change fight is tough? What about … Continue reading

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The Probability Of Extreme Dishonesty By Climate Experts Has Increased To 100%

Scientific American reports that global warming causes winter floods in the UK Winter Floods Linked to Global Warming – Scientific American Two years ago, the team said that global warming made winters in the UK extremely dry. Fears of British … Continue reading

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April 30 Global Sea Ice Area Third Highest On Record


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Kerry : CO2 Biggest Threat In History

With war in Europe looming, the Secretary of State says that 0.0001 mole fraction of an essential gas added to the atmosphere since 1900, is the biggest threat the world has ever faced.

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Coldest January-April In US History

US temperatures through April 30 were the coldest on record at 2.4C.

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