1958 Consensus : Ice-Free Arctic To Cause A New Ice Age

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TimesMachine: October 19, 1958 – NYTimes.com

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5 Responses to 1958 Consensus : Ice-Free Arctic To Cause A New Ice Age

  1. Morgan says:

    Yeah, because saturated polar air has so much moisture. Oh yeah, that’s moisture works.

  2. Makes sense. Not only do you do that, you would remove the insulating properties of the ice and start radiating at 307W/m^2 to space (minus any downwelling, which would quickly increase due to cloud formation). And some worry about 2W/m^2 when the feedbacks are 2 orders of magnitude higher. An ice free arctic would very quickly reverse itself due to lack of available heat.

  3. Anything is possible says:

    I can’t access the link, but this sounds like Ewing & Donn’s theory (which I think is far more credible that the claptrap that passes for climate science nowadays).

    A description can be found (free of charge) here :


  4. Brian H says:

    So, wassamattah with A Nice Age?

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