Understanding Benghazi

Obama immediately knew it was a terrorist attack, which is why the White House called it a spontaneous YouTube protest for the next two weeks, based on the best intelligence from the White House staff who were not involved – but wrote Susan Rice E-mails telling her what to say in order to keep Obama from looking bad.

Later, the amazing clairvoyant connection between Obama and Candy Crowley caused her to bring a transcript of what Obama knew before he didn’t know, and caused Obama to know that Candy had the transcript.

Certainly no fraud, cover up or election tampering here. Obama says it is not optimal when four Americans come home in body bags after a fake scandal.

The White House sums up their fraud, incompetence and cover up :

At this point, what difference does it make?

The press ignores this, and reports instead about Obama’s jokes at the White House press conference.  And you though the leadership of the Soviet Union was corrupt?

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18 Responses to Understanding Benghazi

  1. _Jim says:

    … is it so much corruption, or just a ‘new normal’ with considerably more stupid people in the media? It would be hard to truly differentiate between operational stupidity and contemplated corruption … making a correct decision to report stories unflattering about the administration takes both brains and guts; cuddling up to them requires neither.

    • B says:

      Government does this with every event of any significance to one degree or another. It has done this for centuries. It is only easier to expose today and the exposure of the lies comes much faster and spreads more quickly. So quickly the event is often still in the news cycle when it happens.

      Now I do believe there is much more corruption today than decades ago and it is much more in our faces, but the lies, false narratives, the pro regime reporting and so on have been patently stupid for generations. It relies on people’s faith in authority and belief that they are on the side of good so the means justify the ends. Which is why the lies, the fake documents, and so on are done so shoddily and half-assed. It doesn’t depend on these things to fool people, it depends on people’s faith and belief systems.

      • _Jim says:

        Where’s the press on all this “B”? Where’s the damned press! I expect this to some degree with ‘government’ (after all, the seven deadly sins are still operative as this ain’t heaven.)

        But – where’s the gleam-in-the-eye idealistic ‘press men’ of today looking to expose corruption and make a name for themselves? Where are they? Have all the J-schools closed?

        • Shazaam says:

          The press? It’s quite simple really. They are afraid.

          Afraid of having the IRS and all of the other Three Letter Agencies (TLAs) making their life a living hell from this point on.

          Afraid of losing their access to government revoked. (Whitehouse press correspondents in particular)

          Afraid of a sudden, horrible “accident”…. (think Michael Hastings…)

          Afraid of being fired and blackballed….

          In short, those presstitutes that remain are very well controlled and report what they are told.

          Nothing to see here, move on…..

        • _Jim says:

          Like I wrote above (which, of course, no one read ;>) )

          making a correct decision to report stories unflattering about the administration takes both brains and guts; cuddling up to them requires neither.

          All except for possibly Sheryl Atkisson …

          Brave girl (ok – woman) – I wish her luck.

        • B says:

          The press? The mainstream media? They don’t cover it. Never have. They do what suits their owners. People take what they say on faith. A now failing faith as those who have been konspiracy kooks for decades can now reach more people faster. Now while uncovering the truth still takes a long time exposing the lies doesn’t. We know the government is lying even if we don’t know the truth.

          Remember the Maine!
          Or how a typical 19th century boiler explosion turned into a war. That’s the mainstream media.

          Did the mainstream media cover the Gulf of Tonkin when the LBJ tapes proved it was all made up? Just in passing. That’s about as good as it ever gets. decades later a ‘well what about that?’ quick blurb. Never mind that 50,000+ americans and millions of others were killed because of that lie. Never mind that SE asia is still littered with unexploded bombs and mines that still kill and maim today. Just well, shucks, LBJ lied. And that’s ‘what difference does it make?’ They know from 150 years or more that it doesn’t make a difference what the truth is once they set the narrative. Only kooks listen for the truth. But that’s changing.

  2. Tom In Indy says:

    Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress play pin the tail on the donkey.

    And you though the leadership of the Soviet Union was corrupt?

    The “shakedown” model that Obama’s henchmen in the federal agencies are using to harass innocent citizens/businesses is obscene. This is no different than the U.S.S.R. and China, where you pay bribes to the state to do business. When was the last time they turned the henchmen lose on a liberal? Someone really needs to keep track of these cases and try to get the public’s attention, although it’s difficult when the national media as little more than the propaganda arm of the Progressive Party.


    In January, Rancho Feeding Corp. started recalling nearly 9 million pounds of bad meat. Federal officials tell CNN that inspectors believe the Petaluma, California, slaughterhouse was buying cancerous cows and processing them when government inspectors weren’t looking.

    But Niman said he only used the plant to slaughter his own BN Ranch cattle, not old, cancerous dairy cows. In fact, he said, either he or his employees were with the cattle during inspections and slaughters, so there’s no way his cattle and the cancerous cows could have been mixed up.

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture disagreed, saying it couldn’t guarantee that Niman’s beef wasn’t swapped with or contaminated by the cancerous meat.
    Niman calls the USDA’s logic “preposterous,” arguing that the difference between his cattle and the cows Rancho was buying is obvious — “the difference between a motorcycle and an automobile.”

    Another example today –

    Mr. Gates was asked to leave the room and sat in the hallway while his lawyer conferred with the feds. The lawyer emerged to relate what the FERC enforcement team had proposed: “Kevin’s a businessman, isn’t he? He knows that it’s cheaper to settle than it is to fight this investigation.” Right then, Mr. Gates says, “I realized that we had a big problem on our hands. This was unlike anything we’d ever seen before at a regulatory agency.”

    The Gates brothers fired the white-shoe practice and brought on Bill McSwain of Drinker Biddle, a Philadelphia-area lawyer who “didn’t interface much with FERC. He also used to be a Marine sniper, so he had a different approach to the world.” Mr. McSwain introduced himself to FERC by calling their conduct contrary to “established law, as well as common sense,” and that was one of his subtler letters.

    “Shooting random people for following the law,” says Rich Gates, “that sets the markets and the world back.”

  3. Tom In Indy says:

    Sorry for being slightly off-topic with that last post, but in my mind the scandals, and the mobster mentality in the Federal agencies are both symptoms of the same corrupt administration.

    • _Jim says:

      They said of Reagan “A fish rots from the head down” (and ‘bleeds’ over into every nook and cranny and federal bureaucracy under the ‘top fish’) … and much more apropos under this doofus, I think …

  4. Andy DC says:

    It was a spontaneous youtube terrorist attack. And at this point, what difference does it make? It was all Bush’s fault anyhow. Plus the Koch brothers.

    • _Jim says:

      Don’t forget the Tea Party, or old Aunt Martha and her delicious home-made served hot-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies that the grand kids just love …

  5. darrylb says:

    Recent findings: The President was in the White House, during the attack but did not think it worthy to enter the situation room. It was at least an eight hour attack. Many military commanders at different locations thought they would be able to respond within four hours.

    They became prepared but were not given the order.

    The order should have come from our top military official, the Commander in Chief.
    –It did not come– that is plain dereliction of duty and is an impeachable offense.

    We had a cover up at Watergate- a president resigned. We have had a long cover up here, but this time four people died.

    I can understand how the Constitution originated with having the President be the C. in C.
    It becomes a weakness when the President has no military bearing or insight or E spirit De Corps.
    No bond or caring for those who have chosen to serve. Instead, it would appear that the only concern was for personal political concern.

    He has acted as an emotional, self indulged child, a talented and crafty, speaker,
    but never the less a lying stack of manure.

    • gator69 says:

      Worse. Six months before the attack, the CIA placed a report on Skeeter’s desk explaining in no uncertain terms that the ‘rebels’ were Al Qaeda members and affiliates. Skeeter then knowingly armed Al Qaeda, sending Stevens to broker the deal. Does anyone care to guess where the $6,000,000,000 that Hillary’s State Department ‘misplaced’ may have gone?

  6. You silly wingers will never get it. Nothing happened in Benghazi, which is why the President didn’t have to lie about it & never had to cover for the fact that he didn’t lie about something that never happened. & the with-held emails that weren’t about Benghazi (the ones with sections titles “Benghazi”) weren’t about Benghazi because BOOOSH!

  7. coldwarvet says:

    Forget about the rule of law; political nepotism(s) are the new law; JS MIll and William Godwin (The Eternal Encyclopaedists) would be toasting champagne and jumping for joy if they were alive when Hillary made that statement about Bengazi.

    “What difference does it make?” is the same thing as “What harm has been done?”).

    We are all on our own America; we can hope to find good people (perhaps isolated pockets of liberty-loving groups) along our journey, but expectations of equal protection have turned-out to be (and have been) a false premise, considering the government’s damaged integrity and credibility.

    Port Huron Manifesto; check
    Exploit the media; check
    Purge the Military; check
    Sustain a permanent state of emergency with false-flags; check
    Malignment of the constitution and Bill of Rights; check
    Malignment of the silent (acquiescence) majority; check
    Ad hominem attacks; check
    Reductio ad Absurdum; check
    Balkanization; check
    Position government to gain and maintain control of private citizens and private industries; check
    Despotism; check
    Globalization via climate change and social accountability frameworks (SA8000); check

    Good luck America, and God Bless!

  8. Larry Fields says:

    BREAKING: “Select Committee” Benghazi Investigation is On… Trey Gowdy Will Chair

    Just minutes ago, the world was informed that a Select Committee investigation on Benghazi has finally been announced. This will bypass Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and will likely lead to the impeachment of Barack Obama and the end of Hillary Clinton’s career.

    The only question is why this hadn’t been done sooner. Benghazi was a massive system of crimes, cover ups, and outright lies by the Obama administration. Their goal was to win an election in 2012… but the cost might be impeachment in 2015.


    Larry’s comment: Hey, Barry! Can you say treason? You’ll look good in an orange jumpsuit.

    • darrylb says:

      I am sure a lot of us have been following the selection and intent of the select committee.
      Doubt if there will be any Dems on it. Am writing to my local congressional people, all dems.
      Larry, I do not have as much faith as you do, The circled wagons have gotten very strong. but I am hopeful.

  9. philjourdan says:

    If Hillary does run, I suspect that statement is going to be heard often. As well it should be.

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