1890 : Your SUV Had Already Ruined Winter

South Australian Chronicle Saturday 1 March 1890

A quarter of a century ago, from early in December to the end of March, we had continuous skating, and for weeks together, even the milk wagons and the public omnibuses had to take off their wheels and put on sleds in order to make their way about the streets. But the seasons have grown milder and milder, the memorable “blizzard” being an altogether exceptional episode, and it begins to look as though the combination would be an absolute abolition of the old-fashioned winter. The men of science are racking their brains to invent hypotheses to fit the case, but none of these are very satisfactory.

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01 Mar 1890 – OUR AMERICAN LETTER. New York, January 6, 1890.

h/t to Ivan

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5 Responses to 1890 : Your SUV Had Already Ruined Winter

  1. Andy Oz says:

    “Men of Science raking their brains to invent hypotheses…” – sounds vaguely familiar.
    They must have been “proto climate scientists” – ancestors of Hansen, Mann et al.
    It’s a amazing how the species has continued to survive!

  2. emsnews says:

    The Darwin Evolution Revolution at work.

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