Newcastle University Sustainability Experts Say Poor People Need To Have Their Energy Bills Increased

Fuel bills too high? Not according to Newcastle University academics

After months of criticism of the Big Six energy companies for putting bills up, a study in the North East has said they are, in fact, too low.  The claim was made by academics at Newcastle University and has caused a stir among those concerned about growing fuel poverty which has hit families particularly hard in this region.

Newcastle University academics say energy bills are too low – The Journal

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6 Responses to Newcastle University Sustainability Experts Say Poor People Need To Have Their Energy Bills Increased

  1. emsnews says:

    Jeff Bezos who owns the Washington Post, wants to cool his mansion in California by freezing the entire northern half of the northern hemisphere.

    The Washington Post backs up the global warming debate by publishing data that is, as you well know, totally false or presented with explanations that don’t match the data.

  2. sean2829 says:

    Not to worry, high sulphur Illinois coal to the rescue.
    The cost hear is really interesting, “Mr. Cline’s Foresight Energy—Drax’s top U.S. supplier—last year offered its coal for as little as $65 a ton in Europe, including freight, compared with $80 a ton from U.K. mines near the Drax power plant.”
    So, you can sell coal to Newcastle . . . if the price is right.

  3. If you like your power bill, you can keep your power bill.

  4. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    I have just completed a study and conclude Newcastle University Academics are grossly over paid and under worked.


  5. “The claim was made by academics” says it all. They are the ones pushing the “consensus”, instead of doing science that obeys the dictates of reality.

  6. Justa Joe says:

    Socialists pull this garbage all of the time. They’re constantly lobbying for higher fuel costs and doing everything within their power to bring about artificial scarcity, but the moment that fuel costs up-tick during the administration of their opposition they immediately start wailing about how the poorest are hit the hardest by “big energy’s” price gouging, etc etc…

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