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The Little Boy Who Cried Climate Wolf

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TV Weather Forecasters Are Our Best Asset

Many weather forecasters do “on this day in history” segments, describing past extreme weather events. Nothing is more effective at disrupting White House climate propaganda. On this day in 1840, Natchez, Mississippi was destroyed by a tornado which killed 340 … Continue reading

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US Government Scientists Correct The Sunrise Fallacy

Many people believe that Earth experiences cycles of day and night, operating every 24 hours. A new paper by Kom Tarl shows conclusively that this belief is based on a time of observation bias error. Observers who correctly take their … Continue reading

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If Current Trends Continue …

In January it was -20F here. A couple of days ago it was 80F. If this trend continues, we will reach the boiling point by December. President Obama says that Americans can see global warming from their house.

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Seemingly Endless Mendacity At The Guardian

You really can’t make up mendacity like the people who write for the Guardian.

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Crack Scientists Discover That Drought Is Always Followed By Rain

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Eighty Years Ago, 80% Of The US Was in Moderate To Extreme Drought


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Cracked Brains

The White House is using pictures of mud cracks in California to scare people into giving up low cost energy and energy security. Here is the same picture from eighty years ago in England. (Alarmists currently blame rain in England on global warming.) … Continue reading

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An Epidemic Of Pandering

I see all kinds of brilliant comments from conservative politicians and journalists today Yes, the climate is changing, but we don’t know if it is man made Obama is using the increase in extreme weather as an excuse to wage war … Continue reading

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1974 State Of The Climate Report – Global Cooling Will Kill Us All

The White House released their state of the climate report today, saying that global warming was going to cause floods, famines, extreme weather, and will kill us all. This comes almost exactly 40 years after the government wrote a state of … Continue reading

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