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More White House BS On Temperature

The White House claims that 2012 was the “hottest year on record in the US” based on mild winter/spring temperatures. In fact, summer afternoon temperatures were only 16th hottest, and were much cooler than the 1930’s. They of course didn’t … Continue reading

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White House Takes Climate Clueless To A New Level

From the White House climate report The Philadelphia sea level graph shows no acceleration since 1900, destroying their own claim that sea level rise rates have doubled since 1992. And anyone with an IQ higher than a turnip would recognize … Continue reading

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No Trend In Heavy Rain Events In The US

Contrary the the nonsense being spewed by the White House, there is no long term trend in heavy precipitation events in the US. It looks like a sine wave which peaked during the high ENSO years of the 1980’s and 1990’s.

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White House Caught Cheating Again

The White House used this graph to make it look like heavy rainfall events are increasing Here is the actual graph, without the last two years cut off. As usual, the White House is misleading the public. There is no … Continue reading

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Thirty Three Years Since Crack Government Scientists Predicted 20 Feet Of Sea Level Rise


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May 5 Global Sea Ice Area Second Highest On Record

President Obama announces that the poles are melting down, on the day when global sea ice area reaches the second largest on record for the date. arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/timeseries.global.anom.1979-2008

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Global Warming Hitting Us Hard Here In Fort Collins

At first I was skeptical about President Obama’s claims we are overheating and drying up out west, but now I am convinced. Does anyone know if Obama has ever taken a science class?

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Wisconsin Summers Getting Much Cooler

Prior to 1950, temperatures over 40C were much more common in Wisconsin, but they almost never happen any more. In 1936, more than one percent of all maximum temperatures recorded were over 40C. President Obama says that heatwaves are getting hotter … Continue reading

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