Alarmists Karl and Wuebbles Say US Heatwaves Peaked In The 1930’s

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For the conterminous United States (Fig. 1: graph labeled “United States”), the highest number of heat waves occurred in the 1930s, with the fewest in the 1960s. The 2001–10 decade was the second highest but well below the 1930s

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7 Responses to Alarmists Karl and Wuebbles Say US Heatwaves Peaked In The 1930’s

  1. gator69 says:

    Don Wuebbles is a joke. I have twice debated the man and, and was disgusted at his half hearted attempt to use Venus as an example of runaway warming. He ultimately admitted he was wrong about Venus, and I reported his lies to the board of trustees and the president at his university. He is a lightweight.

  2. _Jim says:

    Does being first-in-line in the author credits line indicate a ‘lead’ author?

    I notice Thomas Karl’s name buried in there too, besides Peterson as the lead(?)

    Wow. 4 pages of cites and references too.

  3. bobmaginnis says:

    Irrigation is now much more common than in the 1930’s, and the heat required to evaporate a few millimeters of water is equal to cooling the entire column of air above the surface 1 degree C.

    “…For example, the study found some of the largest effects in India’s arid Indus River Basin, where irrigation may be cooling the climate up to 3 degrees C, (5.4 degrees F) and up to 1-2 degrees C in other heavily irrigated regions such as California’s Central Valley and parts of China. The study also found as much as .5 degree C cooling in heavily watered regions of Europe, Asia and North America during the summer.”

    • Based on the pseudoscientific codswallop in the crappily written article you link, the areas (of the United States, since that’s the subject of the post) that have had the greatest increases in irrigation should show the largest cooling. Someone should look into that.

    • _Jim says:

      Say, small “b” bob (who has been absent for a few days in a row til now), how are air temperatures affected by roof shingles and concrete and asphalt roads (and other infrastructure) replacing grasslands and other so-called ‘natural’ flora (including forests) which once covered the ground where many NA cities now stand?

      You also know that most of those lawns in urban areas also receive regular watering via sprinklers (permanently installed or otherwise); the rain/water runoff in these areas are also captured in reservoirs, for use in those cities, with some water going to water greenery (trees, shrubs and grass) AND human beings who ‘respirate-away’ a lot of water in the form of water vapor.


  4. Climate Nazi says:

    We need to eliminate U.S. government schools at ALL levels, pre-K, elementary, middle, high school and the universities. All of them must be privatized with the core curriculum being math, science and reading which becomes more advanced as they navigate through school. Leave the social science and social conditioning to the parents at home. We as a nation have currently advanced our children’s intelligence level and competence to the lowest common social denominator and it shows with not questioning this Climate Change nonsense coming out of Washington DC!

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