Madoff Vs. Global Warming

Madoff stole $21 billion, and the judge described it as “exceptionally evil” and “the biggest ponzi scheme he had ever seen.

By contrast, $29 billion is stolen from taxpayers every year to finance the global warming ponzi scheme.

CU to study impact of climate change on Boulder prairie dogs

Researchers in Boulder, Kansas receive $850,000 grant for project.

CU to study impact of climate change on Boulder prairie dogs – Boulder Daily Camera

Temperatures in Boulder haven’t changed since the 1950’s.

ScreenHunter_308 May. 09 06.36

ScreenHunter_310 May. 09 06.40

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10 Responses to Madoff Vs. Global Warming

  1. stewart pid says:

    The researchers will be studying how the prairie dogs have stopped temperatures from rising in Boulder as the rest of the world boiled 😉

  2. “The classical studies on prairie dogs for foraging behavior were sort of null and void” under the new climate reality, Seastedt said.

    The way the quotes are placed makes this a sort of farce, under the new climate reality. In any case, if it has suddenly started taking more than one* .22LR to make a prairie dog go “pop”, I’ll commence worrying, otherwise not.

    *I suppose the DTs, old age, & lack of practice may require me to adjust this number upwards

  3. You never know what horrors await!

  4. Ron C. says:

    Government officials in the 1950’s proposed to get rid of prairie dogs on some parts of the Navajo reservation in order to protect the roots of the sparse desert grass and thereby maintain at least marginal grazing for sheep.

    Navajos objected strongly, insisting, “If you kill off all the prairie dogs, there will be no one to cry for the rain.” Of course they were assured by the amused government men that there was no conceivable connection between rain and prairie dogs, a fact that could be proven easily by a simple scientific experiment: a specific area would be set aside and all the burrowing animals there would be exterminated. The experiment was carried out, over the continued objections of the Navajos, and its outcome was surprising only to the white scientists.

    Today, the area […] has become a virtual wasteland with very little grass. Apparently, without the ground-turning processes of the little burrowing animals, the sand in the area becomes solidly packed, causing a fierce runoff whenever it rains.

    • emsnews says:

      It is called ‘caliche’ and yes, the little creatures ‘plow’ the land without disturbing the surface.

  5. alex says:

    Anybody else see the FSM in that Annual Snowfall data plot? It couldn’t be any clearer!

  6. Mary Brown says:

    Global warming causes everything !

  7. Yep, I’ve used Madoff as a comparison many times to the potential of the biggest ideological collapse in history, with articles at RedState, WUWT and in various article comments:“russell+cook”+”ponzi+scheme”+madoff

    Think about it, how much rides on the AGW gravy train, and how much collective faith would evaporate overnight in AGW when the larger public fully comprehends what the IPCC is all about….. and how they would be about all the money wasted in pursuit of an agenda that never could stand on its science merits this whole time.

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