Nobel Laureate Says The Arctic Will Be Ice-Free In A Few Weeks

In his 2007 Nobel Prize acceptance speech, Al Gore predicted that the Arctic will be ice free in the summer of 2014. He has about 15 weeks to make it happen.

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22 Responses to Nobel Laureate Says The Arctic Will Be Ice-Free In A Few Weeks

  1. That’s what smokin’ more than your Family’s Cash Crop gets ole’ Al

  2. Joseph Bastardi says:

    Opposite.. positive anomaly likely late summer

  3. Peter Ward says:

    But he can now point to global dimming to explain why he was wrong. That plus heat in the deep oceans of course.

  4. tom0mason says:

    And back in today’s post-modern thinking someone has discovered that old world physics still has much to offer.

    A forthcoming paper published in Progress in Physics has important implications for the ‘basic physics’ of climate change. Physicist Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille’s paper(s) show the assumption that greenhouse gases and other non-blackbody materials follow the blackbody laws of Kirchhoff, Planck, and Stefan-Boltzmann is incorrect, that the laws and constants of Planck and Boltzmann are not universal and widely vary by material or different gases. Dr. Robitaille demonstrates CO2 and water vapor act in the opposite manner of actual blackbodies … decreasing emissivity with increases in temperature. True blackbodies instead increase emissivity to the 4th power of temperature, and thus the blackbody laws of Kirchhoff, Planck, and Stefan-Boltzmann only apply to true blackbodies, not greenhouse gases or most other materials. The significance to the radiative ‘greenhouse effect’ is that the climate is less sensitive to both CO2 and water vapor since both are less ‘greenhouse-like’ emitters and absorbers of IR radiation as temperatures increase.


    I wonder if people like the ever insultingly aggressive lefty catastrophist author of Quark Soup has read it.

    • annieoakley says:

      I tried to read the paper above and it is a bunch of gobboldy- gook IMO. It is freezing again in CO. One day 80 degrees the next it could be 30 degrees with horizontal freezing precipitation and I am just done with all of the warming pseudo science! Fix the weather dammit since you’re so smart.

      • tom0mason says:

        You sound stressed. Unfortunately it is not in the remit of me, or any other human, or group of humans, to be able to ‘fix the weather’.

      • _Jim says:

        “Go underground”

        Live like the Morlocks … starting wearing some ‘heavy shades’ now.

  5. theyouk says:

    Is this the year we’ll see a Southern Hemisphere cyclone appear off Florida, like one did in “An Inconvenient Truth”? Methinks that Manbearpig’s mastery of ‘spin’ is not so sharp when it comes to tropical storms and their rotation…

  6. Shazaam says:

    Al either needs the help of Winston Smith to adjust history…. (Though Winston is pretty busy with adjusting raw temperature data right now)

    Or Big Al is gonna need to hire Reggie and his Brawndo-fueled, Blow-Hard Blowtorch from Hell to zap some of that inconvenient ice in the Arctic.

    Otherwise, come July, there might just be another inconvenient truth revealed for all to see….


    That, and the entire Nobel committee should be fired. They need some new committee members that will make judgements based upon real actions, not hope and hype…..

    • Gail Combs says:

      Big Al is not worried.

      He sold off all his “Green Energy” stock and is now investing in natural gas pipelines.

      Al Gore Walks Away From Green Energy

      When Warren Buffet does the same you will know the scam is finally over.

    • Brian H says:

      The Nobel Peace Prize has nothing to do with science; it is a lefty political award for advancing the lefty narrative. It is awarded by a completely different body than the Science awards.

      • Shazaam says:

        Indeed, and it become painfully obvious that recent committees consider only idiots and warmongers for the Nobel “Peace” Prize.

  7. Jim Jensen says:

    When someone says that something could happen, that is supposed to convey that there is doubt that it actually will happen. I believe that Bloggers could tell the truth. And, I believe that they should tell the truth. But, that should not be interpreted as me saying that Bloggers will actually tell the truth.

    • Shazaam says:

      Yet the EPA has treated the words of Big Al as gospel and thus has introduced a storm of new regulations to control CO2….

      So if you replace “Bloggers” with “EPA bureaucrats” your statement, it would appear that there is a problem….

      • Jim Jensen says:

        I agree that the EPA is a totally out of control. No dispute there. I also totally agree that most politicians are not honest. How do you solve the problem ?

        • Shazaam says:

          Oh, I have a few favorite suggestions…. These suggestions likely have less than the chances of a snowball in hell, but just for fun:

          1) No law shall be permanent unless passed by a 80% or better margin. All others shall expire in 5 years and must be renewed by the legislature.

          2) All revenue issues shall be subject to an annual public referendum. Should an existing tax issue fail, it shall be decreased by 25% immediately and all departments funded by said issue shall have their budgets cut by the same. A subsequent failure reduces the rate by an additional 25%. If an issue fails 4 years in a row, it will end at 0%

          3) No government agency may issue regulations with the force of law. The legislature shall be the sole agency for the creation of laws and the associated penalties for violations. Agencies may make recommendations to the legislature, however the legislature must pass the laws.

          4) The rule of law shall be sacrosanct. No law may make any exclusions for any individual in government service. If anything, penalties for corrupt government employees should be more severe for they should be aware of the laws.

          It’s a start…….

  8. Need to dig out Gore quotes to prove your argument? Sounds like the throes of desperation by grasping at straws! Cite a real climatologist instead of a cheerleader. And look at latest on the Antarctic.

    • Yes, the record sea ice in Antarctica is quite impressive isn’t it?

    • Andy Oz says:

      To AGW etc:
      You mean that fraudulent UNSW paper just published about the Antarctic ice wine bottle uncorking? That crap is an embarrassment to all graduates of the University including myself. The authors should be sacked. Sea Ice extent is at record levels more than 2 standard deviations above the mean.

  9. Brian H says:

    During the last Hot House, 5°C above present, the entire Western Peninsula melted, and was inhabited by greenery and wildlife. The seas rose 6′ (only), and the caps on Greenland and Central Antarctica were largely unaffected.

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