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No Debate Permitted Here

Anthony Watts made a post which alarmists see as critical of me. Normally, they bash Anthony and myself, but now they say that they have proof that I am both evil and stupid, and that I must be silenced. Differences of … Continue reading

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Guardian Says That People In Albuquerque Are Poor, Stoned And Mentally ill

In the Breaking Bad city, trust in the trigger-happy police has broken down | World news | The Observer

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NCDC Disappears

Google Chrome could not find http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov

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USHCN Adjustments

Anthony Watts posted his take on the USHCN adjustments. Here is my take on his take. Anthony’s graph shows my method in red. The spike in 2014 is due to USHCN fabricating temperatures in their adjusted version. The adjusted version … Continue reading

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What If This Happened Now?

In September 1961, Obama was one month old. During that month, Texas was hit by hurricane Carla – considered by some to be the most intense storm to ever hit the US. At the same time, Ireland was hit by … Continue reading

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A Solar Powered Civilization

The Anasazi were 100% solar powered, and in harmony with nature. Of course they went to bed early, because there wasn’t any light after the sun set. They had a very low CO2 footprint, and resorted to cannibalism when an … Continue reading

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Me Vs. Hansen Vs. NOAA

Nick is concerned that I show a US cooling trend since 1920, when other sources show warming. He thinks there might be something wrong with my GHCN/USHCN software. The graph below has two trends on it. Both were created with … Continue reading

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Look Who The US Is Supporting In The Ukraine

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