Mikey Mann Says Recent Warming Is Unprecedented

Lawrence Journal-World – Sep 13, 2008

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8 Responses to Mikey Mann Says Recent Warming Is Unprecedented

  1. jimash1 says:

    It warmed here like 30 degrees just today.
    Not unprecedented.
    Ain’t nature wonderful ?

  2. craigm350 says:

    You did not show the hockeystick or focus exclusively on the hockeystick telling everyone to repent and head for the hills (so beachside condo prices drop). You may burn in fossil fuelled hell for your ommission. Until you do you are comparing apples with bricks (Mickey Mann throws the latter at Koch funded anti-science climate deniers who do not worship his stick and – going by his over inflated ego – do not ‘perform’ the required worship duties upon said stick) 😉

  3. SayNoToFearmongers says:

    Yup, warming like no warming ever experienced before!

  4. tom0mason says:

    This graphic shows Central UK sudden and remarkable temperature rise over the last 350 years.

    With thanks to Tallbloke Talkshop site for the graphic [https://tallbloke(DOT)wordpress.com/]

    • gregole says:

      Whatever minute warming there has been hasn’t amounted to much more than noise. I find it uncanny how stable temperature is here on earth. Perhaps the fact that 70% is covered in water and the sun is reasonably constant has something to do with it. Trace amounts of CO2? Nah. Just doesn’t stand up to the most basic sniff-test.

      Really extraordinary how these climate zealots have managed to make such a big deal of something so monumentally trivial as this tiny, practically unmeasurable degree of heating. And for the last 17 years, we haven’t even had a tiny amount of temperature increase. How about zero increase.

      Yet US gvt still comes out with an over 800 page tale of terror – how can the worst be yet to come when nothing bad has happened? And nothing is happening! Propaganda truly is amazing.

      • tom0mason says:

        Yes it amazes me, and what also amazes me is the way that the climate zeolots think they can model nature by restricting their view to so few parameters.
        One strange thing they ignore (along with hundreds more) is that as CO2 has risen over the decades while the global atmospheric humidity has dropped, admittedly not by alot but it is measurable (sorry I’ve lost the link).
        They also think they can reduce the effects of cloud to a number in their feedback alogithms. IMO clouds are lunar mediated variables that changes progessively with temperature, altitude, and velocity, over the seasons, and long term with solar variations. Thus providing, at different times, both negative and positive feedback.
        Do they account for all the shallow coasts, and the faster water heating and cooling that happens there? I doubt it.
        Nature as an adaptive system is being grossly underestimated by these fools.
        IMO they don’t even appreciate that there is lots they don’t know yet.

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