Understanding Consensus Science

It took nearly 70 years after Wegener proposed Continental Drift, for the consensus to accept that land can move.

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18 Responses to Understanding Consensus Science

  1. Sundance says:

    Steve OT but thought as a fellow biker you would get a laugh from this.


  2. Andy Oz says:

    Jeff said he’s not convinced by photographs. The earths crust moves faster than his neurons fire.

  3. And that truth is but the tip of the iceberg, because the continents did NOT just MOVE, to their present locations, orientations and shapes–they were MOVED, deliberately and precisely. They were broken up, moved along the mid-ocean rifts, and reassembled, by design–a great design that was meant to be uncovered by man, when he had reached our present level of knowledge about the world, and its real motions in space (which gave the appearance of the whole universe moving around the Earth, so that man should believe himself at the center of a great, universal mystery–as, indeed, he is, as a being of mind inhabiting mere matter).

    • stewart pid says:

      Wow Harry … you are a complete idiot. Get a little bit of an education please. The plates are still moving so what happens to your “precise design” in a few million years? I can’t believe someone would put so much effort into nonsense but obviously you have your own agenda don’t you!!

      • _Jim says:

        huffman – literally: ‘man who huffs’. What, precisely? Realizing that even Toluene is available in gallon cans for industrial purposes …

  4. Andy DC says:

    It is settled science that earth can crack. Also that most climate scientists are aging hippies on crack.

    • stewart pid says:

      Hey, I’ve even got a crack and the wife claims its getting bigger although that claim isn’t peer reviewed.

      • Shazaam says:

        {would worry about you if the claim was reviewed by your peers}

        {would snicker about your situation if the claim were “reviewed” by her peers}

  5. Billy Liar says:

    Link for the picture?

      • Ernest Bush says:

        I keep wondering when a quake is going to open up the center of California to the Gulf of California. El Centro is 32 feet below sea level and the Salton Sea surface is over 200 feet below sea level. East of El Centro are the Sand Dunes that will make this beach front property. Of course, no Colorado River water flows into the delta formed at the Gulf of California. So the tide moving in and out is slowly destroying the delta that prevents the flooding of the interior. I think about all this every time I look up at the 32 foot sea level mark on the side of a water tank south of I-8. I sometimes wonder how I will make it back to Yuma if the big one hits. Maybe I should keep a life vest in the car, also.LOL

  6. Phil Jones says:

    Relative Sea Level is directly proportional to Continental Drift…

    Progressive dummies would have us believe Manhattan is being flooded when it’s really sinking… total liars and tools…

  7. Gail Combs says:

    Afar Rift: Africa Is Literally Splitting Apart

    “Ring of Fire”, Plate Tectonics, Sea-Floor Spreading, Subduction Zones, “Hot Spots”

    … The Earth’s crust is broken into moving plates of “lithosphere”. … There are seven very large plates, each consisting of both oceanic and continental portions, and a dozen or more small plates. … Each plate is about 80 kilometers (50 miles) thick and can be pictured as having a shallow part that deforms by elastic bending or by brittle breaking, and a deeper part that yields plastically, beneath which is a viscous layer on which the entire plate slides. The plates tend to be internally rigid, and they interact mostly at their edges. …

    All plates are moving relative to all others. There are grounds for suggesting that the African plate may now be approximately fixed relative to the deep mantle, but if so it is the only such plate. Velocities of relative motion between adjacent plates range from less than 1 centimeter (a small fraction of an inch) to about 13 centimeters (5 inches) per year. Although these velocities are slow by human standards, they are extremely rapid by geologic ones: a motion of 5 centimeters (2 inches) per year, for example…

    The Cascadia subduction zone off the coast of Washington, Oregon, and northern California is a convergent boundary between the large North America plate and the small Juan de Fuca plate to the west. The Juan de Fuca plate moves northeastward and then plunges (subducts) obliquely beneath the North America plate at a rate of 3 to 4 centimeters per year. … In sum, the subduction of the Juan de Fuca plate beneath the North America plate is believed to directly or indirectly cause most of the earthquakes and young geologic features in Washington and Oregon….

    So Huffman is puff’n absurditites.

  8. Phil Jones says:

    Right…the continents move?? Wholly crap… What a total Denialist excuse to explain all the flooding… Lol… 😉

  9. tom0mason says:

    IMO Douglas Adams said it best when describing the invention of the Infinite Inprobability Drive –

    ” … entry on the drive also states that it was invented “following research into finite improbability, which was often used to break the ice at parties by making all the molecules in the hostess’ undergarments leap one foot simultaneously to the left, in accordance with the theory of indeterminacy”. It further explains that many respectable physicists wouldn’t stand for that sort of thing, “partly because it was a debasement of science, but mostly because they didn’t get invited to those sort of parties.””


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