What About The Maldives Airport?

Sea level may not be affecting California, but what about the Maldives? They are so concerned about rising oceans, that they are building a new airport on the beach.



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5 Responses to What About The Maldives Airport?

  1. Mike says:

    Well of course… later to be wiped out by a Tsunami directly linked, by consensus, to AGW.

  2. Phil Jones says:

    Are they building it underwater?? How can an airport work underwater??

  3. PeterF says:

    Did you miss the story about the successor to the underwater-cabinet-meeting-president denying that the Maldives will be flooded? Nobody believed them anyway – except for the investors! What a bummer.

    “The good news is that the Maldives is not about to disappear,” President Waheed said countering the claims by his predecessor that the Maldives would be be completely submerged in the near future.

    He added that foreign investors were concerned with the talks of a submerged Maldives.


  4. Andy Oz says:

    They will need rock fill to build the airport. Considering most of the Maldives are 1 metre above sea level, where is the rock coming from? It might be cheaper to evacuate all Maldivians and pay them a million each in compensation than building that airport.

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