Al Gore Says That Great Lakes Ice Is Disappearing

Nobel Prize laureate says that Great Lakes Ice is disappearing, and down 71%.

ScreenHunter_43 May. 15 19.17

Al’s Journal : 71% Decrease

The Great Lakes have all-time record high ice cover for May, by 300% of the previous record. Last year was fourth highest.


Democratic politicians seem to have a one-upmanship competition going to see who can tell the biggest lie, and still have their core constituency useful idiots believe it.

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24 Responses to Al Gore Says That Great Lakes Ice Is Disappearing

  1. jimash1 says:

    The problem is that people believe this stuff.
    All the time that they are moaning about how the arctic is slushing up and rotting and the
    Antarctic is melting away and about to calve off a Rhode Island sized chunk of ice, it does not occur to them to do what you have taught me.
    Which is to simply look at the tax-funded data as published. Ignore what they say about it.
    Just look. And soon it becomes apparent , there is plenty of ice. The ice is fine.
    And I tell them this and the they call me “denier”.
    Then they go into some seizure about someone named Koch.
    And then you can’t talk to them anymore.
    Considering the cold spring, Antarctic sea ice, Great lakes Frozen, and Arctic perfectly average,
    I am just not seeing the catastrophe the same way that they are. And as you know, it’s frustrating.

    • Jimbo says:

      Alinsky tactics at work… “ridicule” is a powerful tool that the libprogs use to effect, and we need to call them on it to defuse it…

  2. The Iconoclast says:

    It is toxic to The Republic that the Fourth Estate acts to promote and reinforce the lies and deceptions of the ruling class rather than illuminating and exposing them. Perhaps it was always so, and the difference today is that we have the Internet, else all we’d have is our newspaper, our newsweeklies, and the TV networks.

    • B says:

      There were newsletters and other obscure ways “kooks” got the word out. But then and now the mainstream media defines what is normal in society. It’s how human societies are controlled, by defining what is socially acceptable, what is normal. This why a retort to pointing out facts, and data is often some play to the peanut gallery to get some laughs. We are all just supposed to fall in line and believe or be ridiculed.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Mainstream media (newspapers) was bought up by the J.P. Morgan interests in 1915. They and their buddies have been in control of the news ever since. link (my comment is the first with a lot of data)

      From the book Willing Accomplices: How KGB Covert Influence Agents Created Political Correctness and Destroyed America by Kent Clizbe

      Willi Muenzenberg propaganda was aimed at influencing “Innocents,” which is the term Soviet covert operatives used to describe Westerners who could be manipulated. (See: Willi Münzenberg’s ‘Innocents’ Clubs’ – The Heretical Press) Muenzenberg had nothing but contempt for these people.
      This is the “Covert Influence Payload” to be delivered by our tr@itorous press, straight from Willi Muenzenberg’s wife.

      * You claim to be an independent-minded idealist.
      * You don’t really understand politics, but you think the little
      guy is getting a lousy break.
      * You believe in open-mindedness.
      * You are shocked, frightened by what is going on right here in our own country.
      * You’re frightened by the racism, by the oppression of the workingman.
      * You think the Russians are trying a great human experiment, and you hope it works.
      * You believe in peace.
      * You yearn for international understanding.
      * You hate fascism.
      * You think the capitalist system is corrupt.

      This payload exactly matches today’s PC-Progressive message. The message that Soviet covert operators propagated through American Willing Accomplices. The Willing Accomplices, wittingly or unwittingly, spread the anti-American message. And this message bloomed and grew into the pernicious set of taboos and strictures that we call PC today.

      It is important to note that Soviet espionage simply planted the seeds of PC. The seedlings did not need continued communistcultivation. The Soviets’ American Willing Accomplices nurtured the anti-American message in universities, newsrooms, and in Hollywood….

      Here is an example of a ‘Willing Accomplice’ who has been active for years influencing Americans:
      Dan Rather
      The poster boy for media’s PC (Political Correctness) anti-Americanism is Dan Rather. Almost a caricature of KGB covert influence Rather ran his own disinformation operation, complete with counterfeit documents. During President George W. Bush’s re-election campaign in 2004, Rather conspired to create fake letters from Bush’s military career. His reporting was intended to denigrate President Bush’s military record. When his plot was uncovered, like covert operators, he never revealed the truth.

      Prior to his final PC disinformation operation, Rather hosted a CBS special in 1988. The program, The Wall Within, could have been produced by the KGB’s disinformation division. Rather interviewed six “former American soldiers, veterans of Vietnam.” They told harrowing stories of atrocities they’d participated in during their combat tours of Vietnam.

      Rather somberly and seriously listened to their stories, damning America’s involvement in the anti-communist war in Southeast Asia. But, Rather’s carefully chosen interviewees were telling stories that were not true.

      Later research revealed that only one of Rather’s six interviewees had actually been in Vietnam. And that one had been an equipment repairman, and did not serve in combat. Rather’s tactics were revealed for all to see.

      The difference between Rather’s Progressive disinformation operation in 1988, and his operation in 2005, was the internet. In 2005, immediately upon Rather’s carefully planned revelation of the fake documents purporting to be President Bush’s National Guard file, actual document examiners blogged their analysis showing the documents were fake.

      Irrefutable evidence proved that Rather’s documents were forgeries.

      In classic covert operator, and now PC, style, Rather admitted nothing, denied everything, and made counter-accusations. He fought CBS’s attempts at punishment. He was finally allowed to resign. He later filed a lawsuit, crushed on appeal, against CBS. He has yet to admit his attempts at disinformation….

      It is also interesting to read Congressman McFadden’s Speech (Use bing, google doesn’t want you to visit this site – snicker) pay special attention to James Warburg, Paul Warburg and Max Warburg.

      …Roosevelt… has brought with him from Wall Street, James Warburg, the son of Paul M. Warburg. Mr. Warburg, alien born, and the son of an alien who did not become naturalized here until several years after this Warburg’s birth, is a son of a former partner of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., a grandson of another partner, a nephew of a former partner, and a nephew of a present partner.

      “He holds no office in our Government, but I am told that he is in daily attendance at the Treasury, and that he has private quarters there! In other words, Mr. Chairman, Kuhn, Loeb and Company now has control and occupy the U.S. Treasury…..

      …In paying tribute recently to Henry Wallich, late member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Bankers Magazine noted that Wallich was a successor, in more than one respect, to Paul Warburg. Both of these board members were emigrants from Germany—and from the higher circles of German and European finance. Warburg, a member of the first Federal Reserve Board, like Wallich….
      …Warburg’s father had fully expected that Paul would take charge of his family’s banking business along with his brothers Aby and Max, but in 1895 Warburg married an American citizen, Nina Loeb…

      …Lenin was sent across Europe-at-war on the famous “sealed train.” With him, Lenin took some $5 to $6 million in gold. The whole thing was arranged by the German high command and Max Warburg, through another very wealthy and lifelong socialist by the name of Alexander Helphand alias “Parvus.”…

  3. tom0mason says:

    The frabric(ation) that leaves you breathless – Gore-text.

  4. Brian G Valentine says:

    Whatever happened with that women who he felt up and rubbed himself on in a motel room against her protests?

    Wonder what the judge in that case cost him

  5. northernont says:

    Snowing as I type this on the north shore of Lake Superior.

    • Gail Combs says:

      It is 9:30 am and 57.2 °F here in the sunny south (Mid NC) normal high for this date is 78 °F.

  6. Eric Simpson says:

    Al Gore is full of baloney. Just like the rest of them, including the “guy with a marker” who did a video, that’s getting a ton of hits, suggesting that we might quite likely might experience total climate disaster in as much as 10 years if we don’t take drastic action, action that even the marker dude admits is likely to cause “global depression.” My wuwt comment:

    What a flatulent load of garbanzo beans. The “guy with a marker” says “what if the alarmists aren’t wrong, then we are facing mega-disaster in 20 or even 10 years.”
    Right. Consider what the alarmists have said 20, even 30+ years ago, about what we would be facing in 10 or 20 years (year 2000!):
    “Entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000. Coastal flooding and crop failures would create an exodus of eco-refugees, threatening political chaos.” -Noel Brown, ex UNEP Director, 1989
    “[Inaction will cause]… by the turn of the century [2000], an ecological catastrophe which will witness devastation as complete, as irreversible as any nuclear holocaust.” -Mustafa Tolba, 1982, former Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program
    Well, we’re still here, but none of that cr@p happened. The sea is just the same. Everything is just the same. Wow. It’s like a broken record, or constant Crying Wolf. They just keep uttering the exact same fear mongering drivel over and over again, decade after decade, they keep saying that we are doomed in a decade or two, but decades pass, and there is no doom. Yeah, we’re supposed to put ourselves into global depression and strict global governance and control for what ain’t. going. to. happen.
    “Five years is all we have left if we are going to preserve any kind of quality in the world.” -Paul Ehrlich, Stanford Biologist, Earth Day 1970</b

  7. _Jim says:

    My God … this man Algore … sheer genius … or total idiot … probably closer to “IDIOT” if anything …

    • Brian G Valentine says:

      He’s a pervert, lecher, and abuser of people he thinks he can walk on and get away with it

      • Gail Combs says:


        That goes for most Politicans, Academics and Progressives. They think they are ‘better’ than the rest of us.

  8. Organic Fool says:

    Al Gore as modern day Don Quixote

    “Don Quixote approaches his neighbor, Sancho Panza, and asks him to be his squire, promising him governorship of an island. The uneducated Sancho agrees, and the pair sneak off in the early dawn. It is here that their series of famous adventures begin, starting with Don Quixote’s attack on windmills that he believes to be ferocious giants.” –

    • Gail Combs says:

      “Al Gore as modern day Don Quixote”

      No Al Gore is a useful Idiot who knows EXACTLY what he is doing.
      Gore and the Democrats’ Green Graft Machine

      He and his pals like Maurice Stronghave been running cons on the American public since

      1995 when Vice President Al Gore visited Fall River, Massachusetts to offer an Earth Day speech touting Molten Metals Inc. This company failed soon thereafter.

      [T]he stock plunged from $28 to $14 in a single day in October 1996 when the company lost Department of Energy funding for a research contract. Doubts were raised about the commercial viability of Molten Metal’s waste disposal system.

      In the aftermath of this collapse, there was a congressional investigation….

  9. R J says:

    I f you look at the dates Gore is using then it is all irrelevant.

  10. Andy DC says:

    Sure it is disappearing, but doing so nearly 2 months later than usual.

  11. _Jim says:

    MORE 30 deg temps across the Midwest this morning (Friday, the 16th), with SNOW reported at a number of stations …

  12. Phil Jones says:

    I wonder what Al Gore has to say NOW about Great Lakes Ice…. Anyone in the Media bother to ask…. No, of course not… Instead they glob onto some prediction of a 10′ Sea Level Rise 200 years out …

    Seriously… WHY can we not beat these guys??

    • Gail Combs says:

      They have the money and power and they want MORE.

      • To apply Gores data to now is stupid and dishonest,it is out of date but no media bothers to check as has been pointed out.
        Do not worry about who has the money the power is with the people who will end up on the jury,12 from all walks of life ,surely this is where the current crop of lies will end up.
        Co2 has increased by 0.008 ,the oceans hold 300 mlln cubic miles of water and that amount of Co2 is going to change them from alkaline to an acid??only a simpleton would believe that.
        If you follow his logic then the glaciers will never freeze again—who believes that??
        NASA allows astronauts to live at a pressure of 1 atmosphere at concentrations of Co2 up to 5,000ppm for 1,000 day missions.
        Still think Co2 is a pollutant ?
        If the amount of Co2 in the atmosphere increased by 2ppmpa then it would take 300 years to reach 1,000 ppm.
        In 150 years Co2 has risen from 280 ppm to 398 ppm and we have had 0.8 of 1 degree of warming,how much of that is from NATURAL causes??

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