California Heat In Early May, 1947

Before you wrecked the climate, Indio and Brawley, CA recorded 117 and 116 degree temperatures on May 3/4 1947.

Yuma, Arizona was a much milder 114 degrees.

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16 Responses to California Heat In Early May, 1947

  1. Latitude says:

    Steven….be careful

    This Nasty Spiked Booby Trap Was Found on a Colorado Trail

    Pike National Forest officials are on the lookout for more traps after several motorcyclists ran over a half-buried spike strip as they lost their way along the Rampart Range trail.

  2. Today’s 104 in Phoenix (forecasted) sound downright cool in comparison. And remember, it’s a dry heat.

    • gregole says:

      It was beautiful today in Phoenix. Hiked a couple of miles in the morning just as the sun was rising, walked an hour at lunch, walked this evening. Just gorgeous. I love it here.

  3. Douglas Hoyt says:

    American Weather by Gen. A. W. Greeley was published in 1888. He has page after page of extreme weather events listed.

    On June 19th, 1859, he says it reached 133 at Santa Barbara, 102 at San Diego, and 117 at Fort Yuma (page 253 in the book). He states calves, rabbits, and birds died from the heat. Also the fruit was all destroyed.

    • Phil Jones says:

      Great source… Today all that data has been “normalized” downward… Cause ya know… They couldn’t read Thermometer’s before Mikey Mouse Mann was born… 😉

  4. Llanero says:

    Now we’ve wrecked the climate on Jupiter too, the big red spot is in a death spiral.

  5. ACR says:

    Los Angeles set a record high temperature yesterday, topping a record that has stood since 1890. Houston tie a record low temperature yesterday, matching a record from 1890. Coincidence?

    • ACR says:

      LA broke an 1890 record on Wednesday, not yesterday. Houston indeed tied the 1890 record low yesterday.

      • Andy Oz says:

        With all the adjustments to the past, I wonder how NCDC and the weather bureaus are able to tell whether any day is a record or not? Old newspapers may likely be the only source of untampered data, albeit incomplete.

  6. Brian G Valentine says:

    Records of Earth’s “climate” began the day Catharine Hey Whore somehow got a PhD in something, this is all “weather” data and is meaningless

  7. Andy Oz says:

    In 1949, I wish they all could be California Girls!

  8. Andy Oz says:

    It’s so hot in California that the cats have gone crazy!!!
    Sounds like I’m channelling Sammy David Jr.

  9. What could possibly go wrong? says:

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