Fake NASA Temperatures Being Used For Propaganda

Alarmists have been reporting that April was the “second warmest on record globally” based on fake NASA temperatures,extrapolated into regions where they have no actual data.

More accurate satellite data from both providers shows nothing of the sort, and no April warming for 17 years. Median lines are shown in red.

ScreenHunter_52 May. 16 06.11

ScreenHunter_25 May. 14 07.52

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7 Responses to Fake NASA Temperatures Being Used For Propaganda

  1. gregole says:

    And of course, temperature data shown resolving to a 1/10 of a degree; it has to or the so called “warming signal” is lost in the noise. Whatever heating, cooling, or staying the same has been going on, it is minutiae.

    It is just astonishing to me that the Man-Made Global-Warming fraud lives on. The best I can explain it is that a tiny minority of kooks, charlatans, and academic odd-balls are making good coin at this, so they keep it going; the gubment is always on the lookout for some justification for their existence, something to tax, something to form a committee over and meet in Cancun, something to pass laws concerning, and rule over us (for our own good don’t you know…), and witless media morons, mouthpieces and cheap comedians (see Al Roker, Bill Maher, Godzilla – recent remake) need something to yap about.

    I don’t know. Maybe there is some other explanation. Man-made CO2? Doesn’t explain much of anything.

  2. Gail Combs says:

    “…I don’t know. Maybe there is some other explanation….”
    There is.
    I spell it out in this Comment.

    It is interesting that both books, Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America by Alexander Vassiliev et al and the book Willing Accomplices: How KGB Covert Influence Agents Created Political Correctness and Destroyed America by Kent Clizbe both show American Journalists as the largest number of ‘Spies’ and ‘Covert Operatives’ in the USA. The first book deals with traditional spying, ferreting out the enemies secrets, and the other book deals with “perparing the battleground’ aka propaganda.

    • gregole says:

      Thanks Gail,
      Informative as ever. I learn a lot from this blog and have followed up with research on more than one topic you have brought up.

      There is strong linkage between world communism, especially through the Fabian Socialist long march, and all things catastrophic since the end of WWII. I just came of age in the early 70s and back then read all about immanent famine from man-made global cooling – particulate in the atmosphere and all – you know the drill. I woke up very, very slowly to all of it. I would follow a particular scare in the news over time, and I noted coverage would over the years, become ever more sparse. Overpopulation was the first one, having read Ehrlich, Holdren et al; and figured eventually I would be reading about mass-famine, exploding populations, and a general break-down in civilization.

      None of it happened of course. But instead of a careful assessment in the media once Holdren and Ehrlich were proven totally wrong, the story just vanished. Enter the next scare. You name it. Ozone hole. Pesticide. Acid Rain. Nuclear winter. And by far the most popular, our current Man-Made CO2 Global Warming Scare – the greatest challenge to humanity evah!! Heck it doesn’t amount to a degree a century – can barely be measured at all; no one has the vaguest idea how much of that tiny number is from Mankind, no one can point with any certainty whatsoever that AGW has harmed anything at all. Study after study shows more CO2 = greener earth = happier biosphere.

      The common thread is that capitalistic, free people, are the enemy of (pick any or all) the earth, the people, the poor, the environment, the planet, and government must act now to stop the destruction of (pick any or all) the rainforest, the forest, wild life, the poor, indigenous peoples, the whales, the seals, the penguins, the polar bears (can’t forget the polar bears!).

      The communists and Fabians push it; now the scammers show up; wind power…solar power… free money flowing from government to scammers. The so-called science all supported by a class of professional charlatans – well connected politically of course.

      There must be a lot of people that hate this blog. I love this blog.

      • Gail Combs says:

        You can always tell when someone is getting near the truth by how much vitriol is thrown at them.

      • tom0mason says:

        “The communists and Fabians push it….”

        And also George Orwell’s old place of work the BBC.

  3. The satellite data starts at the 1979 minimum, creating the false impression of a warming trend. Need to show ’30 and ’40s.

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