More Arctic Sea Ice Than In 1922

In 1922, the Arctic was rapidly melting down, and ice never formed on the north coast of Svalbard.

ScreenHunter_55 May. 16 06.19ScreenHunter_54 May. 16 06.18

This year there is lots of ice on the north coast of Svalbard..

ScreenHunter_56 May. 16 06.22

N_daily_extent.png (420×500)

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8 Responses to More Arctic Sea Ice Than In 1922

  1. Andy Oz says:

    Svalbard – ideal family holiday location all year round and red hot in summer according to NOAA.
    1922 – a red letter year for President Warren Harding and the Teapot Dome Scandal, the biggest DC scandal before Watergate. He might be one of Obama’s inspirations.

  2. Colorado Wellington says:

    The flagellants rejoiced on reading you may not mock them while walking your pups in Maryland. You gave them hope and took it away again.

  3. Eliza says:

    Looks like we won’t be needing this site soon hahaha AGW is collapsing all around us FINALLY major mainstream media in UK is coping on… FINALLY!!! The telegraph Bergssons cruxificion by the AGW faithful a cartoon by josh please???

    • I’m sorry to say but there will be plenty of targets once the AGW campaign collapsed. This is not a scientific controversy but a dirty political power grab.

      Do you remember “The End of History” when the Soviet Union collapsed?

      They always come back.

    • tom0mason says:

      If major mainstream media in UK is coping on then the BBC World service output is quite the opposite. But then again it is the BBC, aka the Vioce of GreenPeace, messenger of W.W.F.

  4. Phil Jones says:

    Observational accounts such as these from a 54 year vet of the Arctic are to be disregarded…. Unless they support the “Climate Change” meme….

    Meanwhile let Mikey Mouse Mann and Briffa draw any conclusion they want off of dried up tree rings or coral….

  5. ArndB says:

    Svalbard is the location were the Spitsbergen Current (feed by water from Gulf Current and North Sea) flows into the Arctic Ocean. Air temperature exploded since winter 1918/19. A strong connection to four years naval around Great Britain is most likely,

    Sea ice decreased dramatically, although in summer 1917 sea ice dimension reached unusual record proportion; . The role of naval war at that time should not be ignored.

  6. Anto says:

    Ah, yes 1922 – I remember it well. The Syrah from Svalbard was particularly fine that year.

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