Why Do You Resist? Resistance Is Futile

A few weeks ago, CBS news announced that skiing is doomed – and wondered why people resist the consensus of thousands of scientists.

DON DAHLER: [Porter] Fox’s book about skiing and the future of snow includes studies on how it’s vanishing throughout North America, Europe and Asia. He cites climatologists who say that will decimate the ski industry.

“If thousands of scientists agree that this is happening, why are there elements who resist it so much?”

Meanwhile, CBS Says ‘Winter Sports Could Be Doomed’ Because Of Climate Change

Snow pack in Colorado is near a record high, at around 160% of normal.

ScreenHunter_42 May. 17 23.36


Northern hemisphere winter snow cover has been averaging the highest on record during the past decade, with five of the six snowiest winters occurring since 2003.


Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

The global warming story is straight out of Alice in Wonderland. Whatever they say, the exact opposite is true.

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15 Responses to Why Do You Resist? Resistance Is Futile

  1. Dmh says:

    “A few weeks ago, CBS news announced that skiing is doomed – and wondered why people resist the consensus of thousands of scientists.”
    They’re right, we don’t need to “resist”, just observe the facts and conclude that AGW is non existent.

  2. tom0mason says:

    Why Do I Resist?
    Because the whole ‘climate science’ boondoggle is a scam that costs me money.
    That’s way.

  3. gator69 says:

    Orwell didn’t predict Newspeak or Big Brother, he only described what he saw when he observed Progressives.

  4. ralphcramdo says:

    “As for snow “vanishing throughout North America,” I hope it vanishes soon; I have worn out my snow blower this winter — with a lot more “vanishing snow” coming next week.”

  5. Andy DC says:

    It thousands of scientists agree to tell a well documented falsehood, they obviously are not very good scientists. In fact they are political progagandists and not scientists at all.

  6. David says:

    George Carlin is in charge of climate.

  7. Gamecock says:

    “But resist, we much!”

  8. gator69 says:

    Godzilla is outed as a denier…

    “If it’s summer movie season, that means it’s time for me to make some counterintuitive claims about the blockbusters in our midst. Last year, I made the case that Star Trek: Into Darkness was accidentally a pro-drone-strike parable and that Matt Damon’s Elysium was actually an anti-Obamacare warning. Let’s get things going this year by suggesting that Godzilla, which looks like it will open to a big box office debut, is actually a message to humanity to chill out about global warming, everything’s going to be okay.”


    Expect Mothra, King Kong, and Megalon to quickly claim that Godzilla is funded by the Koch brothers, and that 97% of mythical beasts say climate change is real and caused by man.

  9. Pathway says:

    Here is a pic of what the end of skiing look like.


  10. Dave N says:

    “..why are there elements who resist it so much?”

    Because they know that the snow hasn’t been “disappearing”, and they like skiing?

  11. There Is No Substitute for Victory. says:

    Dave, Obama is afraid that too many privileged White Crackers will hit the slopes this winter or I should say that he is afraid that the slopes will hit them and the additional dislocated and broken bones will put too much strain on the health care system, giving the Affordable Care Act an abdominal hernia of epic proportions.

  12. Brian H says:

    Yeah, pretty much the opposite of whatever a Believer says is true; take it to the bank.

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