Global Warming Could Make Male Progressives Disappear

Global warming could make male sea turtles disappear

By Jacob Kastrenakes on May 20, 2014

Global warming could make male sea turtles disappear | The Verge

Sea turtles evolved during the Jurassic. For most of their history, Earth was 5-12C warmer than it is now.


image277.gif (660×417)

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9 Responses to Global Warming Could Make Male Progressives Disappear

  1. Andy Oz says:

    I’m all for “Saving the Male”.
    The other day the story was that there would be more turtles with global warming because there would be more females laying eggs! Alarmists make me dizzy.

  2. ACR says:

    If I’m reading this graph correctly, it was 5-6C warmer in the most recent ice age than it is today.

    • Billy Liar says:

      No – those are hundreds of millions of years along the x-axis. The current ice age started ~2.5 million years ago.

  3. usJim says:

    “Global Warming Could Make Male Progressives Disappear”, bringing to light the untated but nonetheless operative metrosexual goal of a ‘ball-less’ society. Testosterone no-more. He-man to become she-man. The feminization of little “a” america (well, the US anyway.) Chickification.

    No more Die Hard movie sequels …


  4. emsnews says:

    Problem is, female turtles won’t breed with right wing male turtles. So it is a lose/lose situation for all males.

    Insofar as the turtles go, they lived through a number of ice ages as well as asteroid impacts, huge dinosaurs infesting everything, giant insects, giant birds (pre-mammal domination stage) etc. These hard shelled critters have a natural solution: when things are bad, they turn out mainly females who mate with a few lucky dudes.

    When times are good, it is 50/50 but still only lucky males get laid. 🙂

  5. Dave N says:

    Male progressives are trained to ignore history when it suits.

    Meanwhile, in the comments on that site, some moron is attempting to claim that it’s because warming is “happening too fast” (he was apparently aware that turtles lived in much warmer times). Progressives don’t care to compare rates of change, either.

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