Northeast Flooding, Long Before Your SUV Ruined The Climate

I was listening to the mayor of Hoboken on NPR this morning, saying how it never used to rain hard there before “climate change.” She is on Obama’s climate change task force, because she is hysterical and has absolutely no idea what she is talking about.

ScreenHunter_74 May. 22 00.35

TimesMachine: August 20, 1955 –

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18 Responses to Northeast Flooding, Long Before Your SUV Ruined The Climate

  1. Truthseeker says:

    Blame Buddy Valastro. It is his bakery that has put Hoboken on the map otherwise no-one would care what the major of Hoboken thinks about anything …

    Besides, CAGW started in 1945 (apparently) … it clearly only took 10 years to create havoc …

  2. Ivan says:

    LONDON, Jan. 25.

    The floods in France have greatly extended. The Paris correspondent of the “Times” writes that it is scarcely an exaggeration to say that nearly half of France is under water.
    The heavy rainfall in Paris persists. The Seine has risen 25ft near the Louvre. The Pont d’Alma is threatened, the Pont de Grenelle and the Pont de Passy are closed to the public, the Seine being above the roadway. The river is percolating through the embankments in many places.
    Immense quantities of building material and cement which were being discharged on the quays have been swept away. In the Chamber of Deputies the electric light plant has been rendered useless, as the machinery in the basement of the building is under water.
    All electric trams have stopped.
    Two thousand refugees, driven from their homes at Alfort, have arrived at Paris.
    All the rivers of France, except the Garonne and the Dordogne, are in flood.
    Owing to the floods the Renault Motor Car Works at Billancourt have closed, and 2500 people are workless.
    January 1910

    • inMAGICn says:

      The Seine was up 25 feet in 1910? Wow.

      Reminds me of Florence 1966. Had station wagons then.

      What did the French have in 1910? Oh, yeh. Renault AG series putt-putts.

  3. Andy DC says:

    Caused by Hurricanes Connie and Diane, which struck within a few days of one another. Not exactly the kinder, gentler weather we supposedly had back then.

  4. Bob Greene says:

    Hazel, 1954, did some damage in NJ, maybe it or the news didn’t get to Hoboken.

  5. Hurricane Agnes. 1971 when climate change was in diapers

  6. D. Self says:

    My dumb ass Senator D. Stabitnow actually was quoted she could feel global warming with her ass due to the now bumpier plane rides. These idiots have no shame.

  7. Phil Jones says:

    Time and time again on here Mr. Goddard demonstrates how these Global Warming fools know nothing of Climate History… They only know what’s happened during our lifetimes or less…

    Anything abnormal… Abnormal happens every day somewhere… Nevertheless they blanket blame it on non-existent Climate Change … Doesn’t matter if it happened before… Like those Colorado Floods…

  8. Andy Oz says:

    I lived in Darwin and went to high school there from 1976 to 1980 and saw the destruction for myself. This is Darwin NT before disastrous climate change came along.

    And now Darwin NT after disastrous climate change! Oh the humanity!

    Alarmists are hysterical and should have a choice of being committed to an institution or having their Internet access denied.

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