Fire Is An Essential Part Of The Forest Cycle

Progressives get completely hysterical every time there is a forest fire, belying their complete lack of understanding of science. Fires are an essential part of the forest cycle. Many species of trees can not exist without them, including two of the most common species in Colorado – Lodgepole Pine and Aspen.

This spectacular grove of Aspen trees near Santa Fe is there because of a huge fire which burned in 1890. I used to work as a wilderness ranger for the US Forest Service on the other side of the ridge.

ScreenHunter_82 May. 23 07.06

Spokane Falls Daily Chronicle June 25, 1890

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21 Responses to Fire Is An Essential Part Of The Forest Cycle

  1. The alarmists’ alarmism is just about as ludicrous as that newspaper’s name: “Spokane Falls Daily” (kind of like those old, infantile jokes about someone named “I. P. Daily”). “Spokane Falls Daily, Due to Global Warming.”–yes, that’s about the level of their intelligence.

  2. Truthseeker says:

    Also in Australia, many tree and shrub species need fires to germinate their seeds. The ignorant greens have so against controlled back-burning in winter to clear the forest litter that builds up that when we have fires now, people usually die.

    So we have stupid people stopping us from taking preventative measures and other stupid people lighting fires because they want to. Stupidity from both ends.

    • William O. B'Livion says:

      Then (at least where I used to live) the black lightning (as the locals called it) would strike and areas the size of a couple states (well, east-coast states) would catch fire.

  3. The severity of fires (NOT TO MENTION THEIR ORIGIN) is largely due to foret service practices. The Los Alamos fire in 2000 was made much worse by the favt that the FS would not let anyone cull the deadwood.

  4. bobmaginnis says:

    Progressives get completely hysterical?
    Sierra Club Conservation Policies
    Fire Management on Public Lands
    1.Fire is a natural, integral, and valuable component of many ecosystems. Fire management must be a part of the management of public lands. Areas managed for their natural values often benefit from recurring wildfires and may be harmed by a policy of fire suppression. Long-term suppression of small wildfires may build up conditions making occasional catastrophic conflagrations inevitable….

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Thank you, Bob.

      First, I appreciate your honest acknowledgment that the Sierra Club is a an organization of the Progressives. I will refer to you when I talk again to my Progressive neighbors who argued that there is nothing ideological about the Sierra Club; it’s all just common sense, policy and public interest. They also said they didn’t understand why I have to be so unreasonable, oppose progress and hate poor people but that list is long and would blow the scope of this post.

      Second, thanks for pointing out how the Progressives operate. The Sierra Club has these reasonable sounding statements in their policies but they do everything in their power to prevent anything that would support those goals with one exception: government ownership and control.

      Your contributions are invaluable.

      • emsnews says:

        Indeed, it is NOT the ‘greens’ who demand fires be put out, it is business owners, property owners, etc. who want this. True greens think fire suppressants are bad for nature!

        Furthermore, the global warmists who jump on all fires as proof of their ideology are not all ‘greens’ but are various people including very rich people who, again, love to have homes in ‘nature’ and therefore want fire controls.

        And who also own CO2 derivatives. That is, bankers, etc.

  5. Send Al to the Pole says:

    Nature never hurts Gaia. All things in nature are kind and sweet.

    Mount St. Helens after eruption:

    And damage to Gaia is eternal! It will NEVER recover!

    St Helens area recovering:

    • Gamecock says:

      “And damage to Gaia is eternal! It will NEVER recover!”

      Amen, brother.

      When I was visiting national parks in AZ and UT, I saw signs warning against stepping on the ground. Recently, I saw a Delores Taylor type on TV fretting about it, too. The claim is, that if you step on the ground, you will kill the plants, and it will take a full 1,000 years (OH MY!) for them to grow back. Pan out, and there are a half million acres in the park. The concern for a half-a-square foot is a wasted life.

  6. Pathway says:

    The removal of climax vegetation is always good for most wildlife. Just walk in a lodgepole pine forest and about all you will hear or see are squirrels, woodpeckers and gray jays. Burn or cut that same forest and the next year you will have a plethera of vegetation and wildlife. Hence the saying burn baby burn.

  7. Brian G Valentine says:

    I used to drive to Los Alamos from Albuquerque through there. There have been a number of fires there since Los Alamos was a Government lab.

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