1934 Heat, Drought And Extreme Weather Was Global

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The heat and drought in the US during 1934 blew away all records, but it wasn’t just in the US – it was all over the world. Antarctica had their record warmest winter temperatures too.

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TimesMachine: June 6, 1934 – NYTimes.com

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TimesMachine: May 29, 1934 – NYTimes.com

LONDON, June 2, 1934
Farmers’ Ruinous Losses
Almost Universal Disaster
Europe Revives Pagan Rites

A survey of the threat of a world drought reveals ruinous losses by farmers in many parts of the world. There is an actual shortage of food, with young crops blasted in the ground by the scorching sunshine and thousands of cattle without pasture. The disaster is felt from the Mississippi in the United States, to the Volga, in Russia, from the Yugoslavian valleys to the Western Canadian prairies.

ScreenHunter_105 May. 24 05.56 04 Jun 1934 – WORLD DROUGHT Farmers’ Ruinous Losses Almost Uni…



 Below350.org http://news.google.com/newspapers


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Almost the entire US was over 100 degrees during June, 1934



ScreenHunter_507 Mar. 13 06.53 ScreenHunter_509 Mar. 13 06.57 ScreenHunter_510 Mar. 13 06.57 02 Feb 1935 – DISASTERS OF 1934 REVIEWEL Millions Were Rendere…

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20 Responses to 1934 Heat, Drought And Extreme Weather Was Global

  1. Chris BC says:

    Damn it all Steve, where is the book on all this I keep asking for??!! I suggest organizing the chapters by decades.

    When it’s published I also suggest sending Bill O’Reilly an autographed copy. His continued comments on this show a glaring ignorance. I know he’s not the only one, but he prides himself on being informed and doing his homework. Instead, with “weather events” he’s drinking the Kool Aid he so often mentions.

    • Eric Simpson says:

      Exactly right. O’Reilly smugly calls himself an independent, but close to half the time he sounds indistinguishable from the libs, especially on global warming. There shouldn’t be any place for someone as clearly biased as O’Reilly on a network that calls itself “fair and balanced.”

  2. tom0mason says:

    It would be instructive to see what could survive today if such a natural calamity were to happen. Most modern appliances, vehicles, buildings even, are not made to retain adequate performance at those temperatures for extend periods .
    With more major cities containing so many more people and the lack of cooling, food, water, power, and mobility, life in some areas would be seriously compromised.

    • Gail Combs says:

      It is worse because we are used to having A/C and are not acclimatized to the heat like our grandparents were. We just do not know how to deal with it physically or psychologically.

      • tom0mason says:

        It is amazing to think how robust the macines for living were. And as you point out the so people were back in 1934 – a time not that different from today in many ways but in reality a whole differnt world.

    • Andy Oz says:

      I like this one Ivan.
      “An Antarctic expedition may shed light on” the causes of rain and drought.
      It seems to me that “scientists” are always wanting to go to Antarctica to get stuck in the ice, just like Chris Turkey did this year.

  3. Ivan says:

    “Australia’s last big droughts were 1888, 1902, 1914, and 1919. The 1888 period was the worst, and, as mentioned above, was planet-wide.
    June 1934

    • Andy Oz says:

      It seems to me that great Australian droughts might be on a 45-50 year cycle.
      2035 (alarmist forecast)

  4. Eric Simpson says:

    25°F in Antarctica in winter. I remember just 2 years ago, and it was reported here, it was -119°F in Antarctica!! https://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2012/09/16/119f-coldest-september-temperature-ever-recorded-on-earth/

    Yeah, the 1930s were hotter, worldwide, than today.
    Global warming is utter baloney.
    And CO2 doesn’t do squat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WK_WyvfcJyg&info=GGWarmingSwindle_CO2Lag

  5. -=NikFromNYC=- says:

    Do you know what an artist is?

    Look in the mirror.

    A poet too.

  6. Reblogged this on CRIKEY !#&@ …… IT'S THE WEATHER CYCLES and commented:
    Steve says”The heat and drought in the US during 1934 blew away all records, but it wasn’t just in the US – it was all over the world. Antarctica had their record warmest winter temperatures too.”

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