Progressives Say That Sunlight Reaching Solar Panels Buried in Snow, Will Melt The Snow Above It

You really can’t make up stupid like these people

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31 Responses to Progressives Say That Sunlight Reaching Solar Panels Buried in Snow, Will Melt The Snow Above It

  1. freaking solar roadways, can i charge my battery while i drive.

  2. Brian G Valentine says:

    Baby, I’m hip! Dude missed the Obama stimulus gravy train. Hey, maybe Hillary will have one!

    • I think you did miss something, but not the stimulus
      Once added, it is every year they’re taking more from us
      Just under one cool trillion, it’s now forever part
      Of spending every year, the “badly borrowed” part

      ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  3. Gail Combs says:

    And this smooth mouthed* horse is ONLY THREE years old!

    *Smooth mouth indicates animal is at least 20 yrs old for a pony ~ 30 yrs

  4. Truthseeker says:

    So Steve, apart from the non-sunlight not getting to the solar panels to melt snow, do you have an actual objection to this idea?

    I tend to think that engineers work with reality, because if they don’t then what they build does not work. I can see these things powering their own lights during the day and storing the daytime energy in batteries for night time use, but they will never generate enough power for practical 24/7 consumption that is needed for society to work.

    • Black pavement is of course the best way to use solar energy to melt snow.

      • Brian G Valentine says:

        Good point. I think they are referring to an organic PV material, with an output of nearly nothing within six months, leaving a surface with a reflectance loss ten times that of asphalt

      • geran says:

        And, black pavement (asphalt) is bio-degradable.

    • Justa Joe says:

      I work in electronics. Making electronic devices withstand immersion and impact is expensive and difficult, and Batteries aren’t cheap, and they don’t last forever. I see a lot more problems with this than just the fact that it would be buried in snow. It boils down to just being prohibitively costly and not durable enough for an actual high traffic road surface. It may be useful for certain niche applications like pedestrian traffic in areas without much harsh weather maybe someplace like Disneyland. They’re welcome to prove their case though. They’re already getting EPA tax money.

    • crosspatch says:

      If this hype were actually true, WalMart would have every single one of their parking lots paved with this stuff. The truth is that this video is propaganda and like most propaganda it takes a kernel of truth and coats it with a rather thick layer of BS. Back in 2005 it was estimated that WalMart’s stores and parking lots took up 75,000 acres. If this video were even half true, WalMart would be scrambling to scoop up all that free money from covering their lots (and buildings, too!) with these things. The TRUTH is that the development, installation, and maintenance cost of these would far outstrip the benefit. Videos like this sell well to people who live in California where the sun shines 300 days a year but not so much in places like Binghamton, NY, that gets fewer than 100 sunny days per year. Look at the active electronics in those things. If they had a mean time between failure of 10 years, lay down 3650 of these blocks and you have one failing every single day. I can lay down 3650 square yards of asphalt and not have a single bit of it fail for 30 years.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Yes, but the target audience of the video has been promised there will be no math. They excercise their right to pursue happiness by emoting freely, without the infringement of laws of physics, logic and common sense.

        • lorne50 says:

          Yes and how fffing sad is this that we let a couple of fools and huckster’s take over science per say nes paw . hang head ;>(

  5. Brian G Valentine says:

    Maybe these freakin solar roadways can have some freakin algae ponds for people to fuel their freakin cars!

  6. Justa Joe says:

    Your libtard is never reticent to over promise i.e. lie.

    Just build and operate one stretch of road in someplace like the upper Midwest before you claim you can replace all of the roadway in the USA.

  7. Anthony S says:

    Astonishingly, snow is not a perfectly opaque material.

  8. Jimmy Haigh says:

    I thought snow was “a thing of the past”?

  9. Colorado Wellington says:

    That’s an uplifting video! Such honest-to-goodness, all-American hucksterism. Tailor-made for millennials. I worry when young people frown upon American traditions but this piece restores my faith.

  10. Morgan says:

    When it’s snowing it’s already cloudy, but half the time it snows at night. That’s ok, they said they can store all the electricity in batteries under the road!!

  11. tom0mason says:

    The reality distortion field was very strong that day.
    Practicality, manufacturablity, engineering difficulties, performance, maintenance, cost, etc.

  12. It’s not the solar, it’s the deadly CO2 rays, making zombies of us all. Run, Forrest, run! (I hate that movie, by the way, so don’t get me started…any more than I already am.)

  13. Bob Knows says:

    Its been on our local media a lot because the inventor lives close by and has been soliciting funding to promote his cockamamie product. The proposed road is made of sections with holes for melt water to get in and freeze. It will freeze and buckle much worse than today’s potholes. It’s made of plastic. Studs or tire chains would cut it up, and even regular tires wil wear it out in months. Widely dispursed small and variable electric generation would be a very costly nightmare to collect and combine into a useful power grid, and it would only produce useful power on sunny days Its a left wing pipe dream. The guy has been smoking too much weed.

    • Jason Calley says:

      Hey ! How can you speak so poorly about that sweet, loving couple?! After all, they met when they were children, three years old! How can two people be hucksters if they met when they were three years old?

      Ahem… sorry, Bob, for the above sarcasm… And yet, such a response is typical for the non-thinking, non-math-using, human substitute for cattle.

      Notice how the only actual numbers used were that such a plan would make 3 times current power usage. So they say. But nothing about costs, time, lifespan, and most importantly storage.

      As someone who has actually built and used an off-grid solar power system I can assure the makers of the video that “solar power ain’t that easy — or cheap!”

  14. lorne50 says:

    The STUPID runs deep with these people ! ;>(

  15. seemsok says:

    It would clearly cost 2-3X more than regular solar panels adorning your roof, keeping in mind having solar panels on your roof is equivalent of carrying a “Do not resuscitate card on your person” as far as the Fire Brigade is concerned as its a risky electrical hazard when it comes to saving your roof space or those trapped inside.

    I think it would be risky to have this stuff under the road if there was say an explosion or fire. When those electrical cars burst into flames. Having more live electrical equipment underneath doesn’t really help.

  16. kuhnkat says:

    I am still trying to figure out how it would stop potholes. I guess I am just another braindead denier!!


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