40 Years Since Climate Scientists Warned Us! The New Ice Age Is Going To Starve Us To Death

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20 Responses to 40 Years Since Climate Scientists Warned Us! The New Ice Age Is Going To Starve Us To Death

  1. bobmaginnis says:

    Figure 1: Number of papers classified as predicting global cooling (blue) or warming (red). In no year were there more cooling papers than warming papers (Peterson 2008).
    The global cooling myth

    • tom0mason says:

      If it was not for George Kukla’s letter to President Nixon in 1972 most of the climate agencies and institutions that are about now would not have happened.
      His great concerns in that letter was that of it’s time, namely Global Cooling and it is what initiated the building of government climate science institutions.
      Your comment is demeaning of those scientists of those days, and is to insult and degrade the work of those who were there at the time. Please read and understand your history before making foolish comments and propagate a myth.
      As Orwell said ‘Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.’ You are attempting to rewrite history and you are wrong.
      see –

      Also see


      • bobmaginnis says:

        Tom, I’m not demeaning the scientists, but noticed this from your first link:

        “…Kukla believes that all glacial periods in earth’s history began with global warming (understood as an increase of the area-weighted average global mean surface temperature). He believes Earth’s recent warming is mostly natural and will gradually lead to the substantial increase of the surface temperature difference between the warming tropics and the cooling subpoles. Consequently this is how the next ice age will begin.”

        The end of the last interglacial was about 3 C. warmer than now, but I doubt that there was an increase in tropics vs poles temp differential, but rather the opposite, and AGW science predicts reduced delta T.

        • tom0mason says:

          An interesting ‘selection’ you’ve taken. And you have obviously goty dumbed down reading the 97% crap at SKS. So let me put ypu straight – the letter sent to Nixon, and what he acted on, was about Global Cooling fears. Not anything else, so stop trying to twist it. It was global cooling. Repeat after me GLOBAL COOLING!
          There is no doubt this later got changed BUT at the time, about 1967 to about 1977, cooling was the big fear that was pushed to the public by the government of the day and the scientific advisers of the time.
          To come out with a trot of nonsence from the likes of 97%crapSKS site is a gross deservice to the pioneers of those days.

          97%crapSKS site has nothing scientific to offer as should be evident by the Australian UQ and (Field Mashal) Cook fiasco, and the takedowns that (LunieLew) Lewandowsky had to do.

    • My survey says that 100% of Cook’s surveys are bogus.

      • omanuel says:


        Those who decided to deceive the public in 1945 had a noble goal in mind: “To save the world from the threat of nuclear annihilation.”

        They just chose the wrong means. Now that their mistake has been disclosed, skeptics and believers of AGW alike need to work together for the benefit of society.

        You others on this blog may have the talents and the wisdom to help promote a peaceful end to the 69 year nightmare.

    • John B., M.D. says:

      bobmaginnis –

      Even if we trust Skeptical Science numbers, the QUANTITY of papers published per year predicting cooling vs. warming are irrelevant to the discussion. A greater quantity implies consensus, and science is not done by consensus. Besides, a greater quantity of models predicted no pause in warming over the past 15 years.

      I suppose you also have no criticism of the methodology of the surveys used to create the “97% consensus.” They would never make it into a respected medical journal.

      Liberals also pull this stupid “quantity” argument when they say how many IRS or Benghazi documents they release, stating it is proof that the scandals are phoney, all while withholding or heavily redacting the smoking gun emails and memos.

    • Gail Combs says:

      All that proves is that Cook and Nutti are trying to rewrite history. A history they are too young to have lived through. That makes them Orwellian propagandists not scientists.

      There was a “Global Cooling Scare” I was taking geology courses at University at the time and it was even discussed in class along with Shackleton’s work. So PROVABLE lies like that at SKS make me discount everything that is written at SKS.

      From a former editor of New Scientist, a physicist who was a science reporter for the BBC at the time:

      Those who rewrite the history of climate science to suit the man-made global warming hypothesis hate to be reminded that global cooling and the threat of a new ice age rang alarm bells in the 1960s and 1970s. In the Orwellian manner they try to airbrush out the distinguished experts involved, and to say it was just a scare story dreamed up by stupid reporters like me.

      No, we didn’t make it up. I was present in Rome in 1961 when global cooling was already the main concern at a conference of the World Meteorological Organization and Unesco (see the Unesco reference). The discussions were led by Hubert Lamb of the UK Met Office, who went on to found the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.

      A persistent concern of Lamb and others was that the world might return to a Little Ice Age like that of 300 years ago. But the improving knowledge of glacial history, and especially the apparent brevity of warm interglacials, prompted anxiety about a full-blown ice age. George Kukla, together with Robert Matthews of Brown University, convened a conference in 1972 entitled “The Present Interglacial: How and When will it End?”, and reported it in Science magazine.

      Kukla and Matthews alerted President Richard Nixon, and as a result the US Administration set up a Panel on the Present Interglacial involving the State Department and other agencies. None of us knew then that the mid-century cooling was about to be punctuated by a warming spell from the late 1970s to the mid 1990s….
      Nigel Calder

      Kukla and Matthews’ alert to President Richard Nixon resulted in this CIA report of 1974:

      A Study of Climatological Research as it Pertains to Intelligence Problems
      Pg 7
      In 1972 the Intelligence Community was faced with two issues concerning climatology:

      * No methodologies available to alert policymakers of adverse climatic change

      * No tools to assess the economic and political impact of such a change.

      “… Since 1972 the grain crisis has intensified…. Since 1969 the storage of grain has decreased from 600 million metric tons to less than 100 million metric tons – a 30 day supply… many governments have gone to great lengths to hide their agricultural predicaments from other countries as well as from their own people…

      pg 9
      The archaeologists and climatotologists document a rather grim history… There is considerable evidence that these empires may not have been undone by barbarian invaders but by climatic change…. has tied several of these declines to specific global cool periods, major and minor, that affected global atmospheric circulation and brought wave upon wave of drought to formerly rich agricultural lands.

      Refugees from these collapsing civilizations were often able to migrate to better lands… This would be of little comfort however,… The world is too densely populated and politically divided to accommodate mass migration.

      Page 18 talks of coming glaciation.
      Scientists are confident that unless man is able to effectively modify the climate, the northern regions… will again be covered with 100 to 200 feet of ice and snow. That this will occur within the nexy 2,500 years they are quite positive; that it may occur sooner is open to speculation.

      page 22 states:
      The climate of the 1800s was far less favorable for agriculture in most areas of the world. In the United States during that century, the midwest grain-producing areas were cooler and wetter and snow lines of the Russian steppes lasted for longer periods of time. More extended periods of drought were noted in the areas of the Soviet Union now known as the new lands. More extensive monsoon failures were common around the world, affecting in particular China, the Philippines and the Indian Subcontinent.

      The Wisconsin analysis questions whether a return to these climate conditions could support a population that has grown from 1.1 billion in 1850 to 3.75 billion in 1970. The Wisconsin group predicted that the climate could not support the world’s population since technology offers no immediate solution. Further world grain reserves currently amount to less than one month; thus any delay in supplies implies mass starvation. They also contended that new crop strains could not be developed over night… Moreover they observed that agriculture would become even more energy dependent in a world of declining resources.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Alarmist deniers deny that there ever was an Ice Age scare.

  3. tom0mason says:

    The whole CAGW scam is predicated on CO2 correlating with global temperature. Here are a few more irrelavent correlations.
    I particularly think there maybe some truth in the close correlation between divorce and margerine consumption….


  4. Send Al to the Pole says:

    One thing about Bryson – He never flipped to warm monger. He was debunking AGW until his death.
    And…. while the path getting there may not be linear, his warning of cooling may turn out to be right on.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Unfortunately I am afraid you may be correct. The “Global Cooling Scare” came from actual scientists. CAGW came from politicians looking for a “Crisis” to push.

  5. Douglas Hoyt says:

    In the 1970s I worked as a climatologist in the Geophysical Monitoring for Climate Change unit of NOAA. Contrary to what Bob Maginnis says, I would say that most people were concerned about the cooling than going on, with some thinking it would continue. Even Stephen Schneider of NCAR was in that camp at that time (see the Genesis Strategy).

    I remember one day receiving a panic filled call about global cooling. It seems the person on the other end of the line was looking at their pyranometer readings and noticed a sharp drop in recorded solar radiation in recent years. They were using the old light bulb like pyranometers from the Eppley Laboratories. The drop off in their recordings was caused by changes in the absorption paint which slowly turned from black to green. The problem was well known among instrument people. Unfortunately, theoretical climatologists took these measurements to be correct and attributed decreased recordings to increased aerosols in the atmosphere. Many of these people still hold to that opinion. There was no increase in worldwide aerosols at this time, because, if true, the number of stars visible at night would have decreased. That did not happen.

  6. gator69 says:

    I lived in Germany during the ice age scare, and can confirm it was not just a few Nixonian spooks, residents of tiny alpine towns had also read the news and were very concerned about advancing glaciers.

    It would take a natural variability denier to deny what many of us experienced first hand. If there were people discussing warming, they received as much coverage as skeptics today.

    • Gail Combs says:

      It would take a natural variability denier to deny what many of us experienced first hand. If there were people discussing warming, they received as much coverage as skeptics today in the UK Guardian.

      There thats better. {:>D

  7. zebo says:

    Even i can remember ,when i was a small child,that in the 70ies global cooling was
    the agenda on tv.
    That’s why i got very confused and scepticwhen i heard about the global warming in the 90ies.
    Now i know i was right.

    Sadly many people have almost no long time memory and others have zero intellectual integrity.
    They will sell themselves and their whole families for a lie as long as they
    get some cheap and fast karma.
    Just give them a chance to “save” nature or support minorities and they will do it by ignoring reality as good as they can.

  8. Brian H says:

    50 or 60 years from 1971 to the start of a mini-Ice Age? Could be about right.

  9. ozspeaksup says:

    I was a young teen in the 70s I remember the ice scares the no food no oil etc etc
    japcrap 4cyl cars and all the rest
    we still got too many 4cy cars..lost our lovely V8s
    but we sure havent run short of anything else.
    except some common sense..we shoulda had the agwmob committed
    and idiots like crook and co,
    an embarrassment for Aus.

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