Can We Genetically Engineer Stupid-Resistant Humans?

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Wanted: a breed of chicken that can survive crippling heatwaves | Business | The Observer

US heatwaves peaked in the 1930’s and have been declining for 80 years. There is not one shred of evidence to support the idea that heatwaves are getting worse, or will get worse. Not to mention that the US is having its coldest year on record through May.

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13 Responses to Can We Genetically Engineer Stupid-Resistant Humans?

  1. Ivan says:

    Not a snowball’s chance in hell. People are getting dumber.

  2. gator69 says:

    How about breeding chickens who know what an acorn is.

    • usJim says:

      So we can have ‘squirrels’ capable of scrounging for bugs besides the usual things? (I took it you meant cross-breeding squirrels with chickens.)

      Cool! I’m for that!

      • gator69 says:

        My concern is over chickens who do not know an acorn when it strikes them on the head…

        If we could get rid of these, we could get some real work done.

  3. …and there was no devastation of chickens in the heat of the 1930’s either. As ever, they need to raise them as they need to be raised (according to their design, how they were made to be), not try to “genetically” change them to survive greedy idiots who don’t know how to raise them properly. I thought Perdue figured this all out long ago (?)

  4. WJohn says:

    Are chooks not native to SE Asia? Maybe our freezing northern birds would like a bit of heat?
    Pity they willnot get it with out migrating south.

  5. Andy says:

    Surely they are missing an opportunity here. Why not breed a chicken that cooks itself in the rising temperatures thereby saving the need to use a fuel source to do the cooking, and thereby conserving fuel?

    Obviously they will first need to find a way to cause global warming to actually happen to achieve this, clearly CO2 won’t do, as rising CO2 demonstrably hasn’t been doing anything warming wise for getting on for two decades now.

  6. tom0mason says:

    Update –
    New genetically modified heat-resistant chicken take much too long to cook.

  7. Governments have a vested interest in lowering the cost of stupidity. That way, it is easier to fool the voting population into voting for their various scams. As a consequence, the general population will continue to become more and more stupid until it can no longer support a growing government. At which time the whole system collapses and we enter the next dark age. The really stupid people will then be culled from the population and the process repeats itself.

    Tell me. Why do we think the government protecting us from our stupidities is good? Wouldn’t it be much better to place a high cost on being stupid? Not necessarily lethal but enough so that those who act stupidly tend to discover that it is not all that good to be so stupid.

    Perhaps that is expecting the impossible. The idea behind being stupid means that you don’t learn from your own experience let alone other people’s experience. However, the herd will be culled no matter what. It is simply a matter of how, when, and how long it takes.

    Enjoy your life that you have because it is the only one you are going to get. Oh and let us all try not to be so stupid. That way we all have a chance of a longer and better life.

    • Gail Combs says:

      BUT Think of the CHILDREN…..

      Stupidity especially during the teen years is supposed to cull the dumb idiots from the herd. Instead we wrap kids in bubble-wrap to protect them from reality and then wonder why they can’t recognize reality when it bites them on the A…

  8. Colorado Wellington says:

    Can We Genetically Engineer Stupid-Resistant Humans?

    Maybe, but government grants and programs support inverse efforts.

    • usJim says:

      Kids are good and on-track to being non-stupid up until the age of about, oh, six to ten years of age when the ‘skools’ get ahold of them and they begin to imitate and absorb the dysfunction of the adults around them … my observation anyway …


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