1976 : Predictions Of Climate Doom Were Called Irresponsible

In 1976, climatologists and the press were alternating between forecasts of global cooling doom and Mann-made global warming doom. Just like now, they were all made by irresponsible idiots in academia and the press corpse.

ScreenHunter_153 May. 26 14.57

ScreenHunter_154 May. 26 14.58

TimesMachine: February 22, 1976 – NYTimes.com

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18 Responses to 1976 : Predictions Of Climate Doom Were Called Irresponsible

  1. Dave N says:

    Hooray for Dr Mitchell; where is he now? Can we go back to 1976 and create a bunch of clones from him?

    Nowadays he’d be saying: “now they blame everything on ‘heat death'”

    • Dave N says:

      Found him:


      So I guess he isn’t saying much now. Also looks like Connelly might have gotten to his entry, considering Mitchell’s comment about “heat death” in the NYT.

      • Morgan says:

        No Connolley, but Davis Sousa is just as bad

      • Andy Oz says:

        From Wiki on Dr Mitchell. ( Who writes this stuff? Last sentence is a bit of a clanger)

        “He continued his statistical investigations, and in a 1969 paper calculated that about two-thirds of Northern Hemisphere cooling since 1940 had been caused by a few recent volcanic eruptions, leading him to conclude that “man has been playing a very poor second fiddle to nature as a dust factory”, though he thought that human influence could increase. In a 1971 paper he calculated that human caused aerosol emissions might result in global cooling after 2000 but depending on circumstances these emissions might cause a warming effect, indicating that humans had been “an innocent bystander” in the recent cooling. Calculations were too basic at this time to be trusted to give reliable results.[3][5] As research developed, he drew attention to increasing evidence that warming climate, particularly in polar regions, was due to human caused greenhouse gas emissions and could change weather patterns to the detriment of agriculture.[1]”

        • Morgan says:

          The only problem with all the warming at the poles they predicted in 1971…the south pole has never warmed at all. How many poles have to warm before you can call it “warming at the poles?”

          North pole is only warming because of dirty snow. Soot from China. The south pole has clean snow.


  2. I’ll go with ice age… This is from my friend Kristian Saile, co-founder of UP Overland. Featured on ABC News tonight. Taken yesterday on the beach at Marquette:

    • Eric Simpson says:

      Hmm, Memorial Day weekend, traditionally the kickoff of summer. Lol on those beach-goers sitting there by the ice as if that doesn’t look totally off the wall. And the bundled up lifeguard on duty. His job is just to tell people the water is too freezing to swim in, if that’s not obvious. Instead of a lifeguard they could just post a sign: “Too Cold to Swim.” Of course, that would mean that the publicly unionized lifeguards wouldn’t get their $21 an hour paychecks. Plus overtime / hazard pay for having to sit out there on ice watch.

      • Gail Combs says:

        There are always the idiots in wet suits.

        I had a boy friend dive in the finger lakes while others were ice fishing. He and his diving buddy tossed a large carp up through one of the ice fishing holes. Some fisherman must have had a really great fish story to tell that evening.

  3. Andy Oz says:

    TIME magazine says its doomed. The UN blames CO2!

  4. Andy Oz says:

    The MSM says that Australia is dominating the Global Climate again!
    We are number 1. We are number 1. Brazil here we come!
    It seems that CO2 has warmed the Coral Sea, which has kept Queensland warm. The fact it is in the tropics is beside the point. New Climate theory says it should be cold in Australia in May and if its warm then we must be doomed and its the evil coal mines fault. And your SUV.

      • Andy Oz says:

        Meanwhile Perth’s May temperature is below average.
        I guess Perth is not part of Australia if you are alarmist.

      • usJim says:

        Ink is cheap and they have empty newsprint (cheap paper) ‘space’ to fill …

        • Gail Combs says:

          You are correct.

          If you have a local business you can get “Free advertising” by writing up a good human interest story and add cute pictures of children or animals. It will be used as filler when they need it.

          My hubby is fifth generation newspaper and had some idiot recent grad at a first annual volunteer fireman department festival tell him. “I have worked in advertising for four years and I can tell you there is no such thing as free publicity”

          He called the local newspaper at 3:00 pm and had a newspaper photographer on site by 6:00 pm taking pictures of cute kids. The photos and story was front page the next day. He gave the idiot grad. a copy of the paper without a word and resisted rubbing it in, but then he is far nicer than I am.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Looks like the journalist never bothered to do his home work. (So what is new?)

      It is the SUN that warms the ocean not CO2. GRAPH: solar radiation at various depth with a note about reflected IR from CO2

      NASA on Solar Irradiance and Extreme Ultraviolet Variability

      Earthshine Project: GRAPH: % Change in Albedo
      Info on the Earthshine Project:

      The most interesting thing here is that the albedo forcings, in watts/sq meter seem to be fairly large. Larger than that of all manmade greenhouse gases combined:

      Carbon dioxide: 1.5 Watts per square meter.
      Methane: 0.5 Watts per square meter.
      Nitrous oxide: 0.2 Watts per square meter.
      Halocarbons: 0.2 Watts per square meter.

      Total from all greenhouse gases: 2.4 Watts per square meter.

      Some where I have the actual paper the graph came from….
      FOUND IT!

      Changes in Earth’s Reflectance over the Past Two Decades
      E. Palle,1* P. R. Goode,1,2 P. Montan ́s-Rodrıeguez,1 S. E. Koonin2

      We correlate an overlapping period of earthshine measurements of Earth’s reflectance (from 1999 through mid-2001) with satellite observations of global cloud properties to construct from the latter a proxy measure of Earth’s global shortwave reflectance. This proxy shows a steady decrease in Earth’s reflectance from 1984 to 2000, with a strong climatologically significant drop after 1995. From 2001 to 2003, only earthshine data are available, and they indicate a complete reversal of the decline. Understanding how the causes of these decadal changes are apportioned between natural variability, direct forcing, and feedbacks is fundamental to confidently assessing and predicting climate change.

      The rest of the paper:

      Click to access Palle_etal_2004_Science.pdf

      Remember the super El Nino was in 1997/98 and checkout that graph. So which came first the change in albedo or the super El Nino?

  5. Brian H says:

    We can expect desperate claims and defenses from Warmists in Aus., as the razor strokes the jugular more and more firmly.

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