1871 – The Year The Midwest Burned Up

Chicago burned to the ground in 1871, but that was just one of the smaller fires which ravaged the midwest that year.




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8 Responses to 1871 – The Year The Midwest Burned Up

  1. Gail Combs says:

    Amazing how Obummer and the rest of the rats in DC ignore written history.

  2. tom0mason says:

    All caused by the gaseous output of the French (or maybe Austrian) vehicle engines! Yes as explained by Dr. John C. Dixon’s book ‘The High Performance Two-Stroke Engine’.

    …back in late 1800’s the four stroke was common. Beau de Rochas had a French patent in 1862, which laid down the principles of a four stroke engine. But, the book says he failed to produce a practical design. But the first marketable engine came from a Frenchman Jean Lenoir which was a two stroke, because it fired every revolution. The book says five thousand were made from 1860-1865. Dugald Clerk produced the first two stroke using axial scavenging in 1878.

    Though some dispute this saying it was Siegfried Marcus, Austrian engineer, who in 1864 built a one-cylinder engine with a crude carburetor, and attached his engine to a cart for a rocky 500-foot drive. Several years later, Marcus designed a vehicle that briefly ran at 10 mph that a few historians have considered as the forerunner of the modern automobile by being the world’s first gasoline-powered vehicle – again this is hotly disputed.

    Whoever it was they caused it and must be made to pay.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Tell that to the Ford Foundation who is supporting this crap. If I recall correctly The Ford Foundation is who Obummers Mamma worked for.

      A collection of skuttlebutt on the topic. link (first link I saw)

      • tom0mason says:

        Wow, Gail,
        I have my work cut out chasing all the links. But thanks for the info…
        “Obama’s mother, Stanley A. Dunham, worked for Tim Giether’s Father Peter Geither at the Ford Foundation. Ford Foundation is partnered with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac!-Posted on Faith Freedom International-By piggy-On April 16, 2009:

        • Gail Combs says:

          Yes isn’t it interesting that when you follow all the various trails the all end up at the same place?

          I keep posting this because it is the key to understanding current world politics. E.M. Smith’s “Evil Socialism” vs “Evil Capitalism” and Dr. Evan’s (Jo Nova’s husband) Climate Coup – The Politics

          Once you realize that the international corporate cartels LIKE socialism as long as they can run the bureaucracies, use them to kill the competition and mandate THEIR products, the rest of the mess falls in place. The Central Banking cartel is just interested in making sure they get a large slice of each and every transaction… and a world government controlled by them of course.

          Obamacare had an interesting one liner, the 1099 Tax Reporting Provision, that would have forced most small businesses into using only credit cards or have to do a massive amount of paperwork. It was designed to kill off the underground economy and make sure the government and the bankers could suck the last drop of blood out of the economy.

          ObamaCare required small business owners to file an additional 1099 form with every other business that they did more than $600 in transactions with. “you must issue Forms 1099- Misc to any entity to whom you pay more than $600 – … If you make purchases with a credit card, the credit card company will issue the forms for you,…” https://www.tucceri.net/indez.php/blog/business-to-business-1099-misc-requirement/

          A business pays 5% on each transaction so there is a good reason for a small business to avoid credit card transactions. On the other side the customers allow the bankers to create debt out of thin air and then charge them exorbitant interest rates if they fail to pay. You can see why banks really hate cash transactions. There is no money wealth extraction in it for them.

          Luckily the big businesses like Home Depot, Lowes and Sam’s Club, not to mention the fuel stations, all of whom do a lot of business transactions with small businesses, threw a hissy fit and that part of Obamacare was repealed.

        • usJim says:

          re: tom0mason May 28, 2014 at 4:36 pm

          Best to get a second source to conform things like this … the primary source linked-to on that website was unresponsive when I tried it a few minutes ago …

        • tom0mason says:

          Exactly my first idea. Still plenty to check, wheat and chaff…

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