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Please Don’t Exaggerate The Great Lakes Ice Story

This is NOT the first time the Great Lakes had summer ice. It also happened a few years back.   Here is what the NFL’s 249th draft pick has to say about it.

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Getting Forgetful In Their Old Age

The Great Lakes have summer ice for the first time in the modern record, and CNN and MSNBC simply forgot to mention it. Must be dementia.

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What Is The Time Of Observation Of A Non-Existent Temperature Reading?

I was out walking the dogs during a spectacular afternoon here in Maryland, and thinking about how incredibly corrupted the US temperature record is. In the USHCN V1 docs, they show that TOBS (Time of Observation Bias) adjustments go flat after … Continue reading

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Following Up On Al Gore’s Ice Free Arctic Prediction

Nobel Laureate Al Gore said there was a 75% chance the Arctic would be ice-free in 2014, but apparently he was actually referring to Michigan. Twitter / jeffhowell07: @SteveSGoddard One of my close …

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More Than 40% Of USHCN Station Data Is Fabricated

Another hockey stick. Coincident with the hockey stick of USHCN temperature adjustments, is a hockey stick of data fabrication. More than 40% of USHCN final station data is now generated from stations which have no thermometer data. The graph below … Continue reading

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The Real Hockey Stick – Data Tampering By Government Employees

All US warming over the last 90 years is the result of data tampering by US government employees. The thermometer data USHCN uses shows that the US warmer in the 1930s, but they alter the data to create the appearance … Continue reading

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Climate Change – Can We Adapt?

I’ve been around for almost 60 years, and the climate is just like it was 60 years ago. It is cold and snowy in the winter, and hot in the summer. We have tornadoes in the spring and summer, and … Continue reading

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