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Obama – The Zero Tolerance President

Barack Obama had Dinesh D’Souza arrested and held on half a million dollars bail over a minor campaign finance violation – saying that they have zero tolerance for law-breakers. This would be the same Barack Obama who commits massive breaches of … Continue reading

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97% Of US Warming Since 1990 Is Due To 100% Fake Data

Here is a stunner. I plotted the USHCN V2.5 adjusted data below, distinguishing between data which was adjusted from raw data (red) and completely fake data (blue.) It turns out that essentially all reported warming since 1990 in the US, … Continue reading

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Desperately Seeking Nothing

The number of bizarre theories I have heard in recent weeks about what is wrong with my temperature adjustment graphs is incredibly entertaining. There is nothing wrong with the graphs. The data is being altered. We have known this for years. … Continue reading

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