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Smoking Gun That USHCN Data Fabrication Is Junk Science

I generated a list of all stations with no fabricated data from 1990 to 2013, and generated raw and final average temperatures for those stations. I also calculated the average of all fabricated temperatures at all stations from 1990 to … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice Below The Record Minimum Year Of 2012

2012 was the last holy year for alarmists, with record winter warmth in the US and record low summer Arctic ice extent. Arctic ice extent is currently less than it was on the same date in 2012, and will probably remain … Continue reading

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Doing My Part To Save The Planet

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Think of The Children In 2030

President Obama said today that he was shutting down America’s most abundant energy source, because he cares about the children of 2030 (the ones he is saddling with $20 trillion debt needed to finance his reelection.) What will the climate be … Continue reading

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FIFA Announces That 40% Of Matches Won’t Be Played

FIFA is 97% certain that that they can determine the World Cup champion, by interpolating results from nearby matches within a 1200 km radius. They also correct for the time of kickoff bias, and make an urban heat adjustment – penalizing teams … Continue reading

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The Zeke-Mosher Proof

Zeke and Mosher say that my analysis of their method is wrong, because I don’t use their method to analyze the output of their method.

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