The Zeke-Mosher Proof

Zeke and Mosher say that my analysis of their method is wrong, because I don’t use their method to analyze the output of their method.

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7 Responses to The Zeke-Mosher Proof

  1. _Jim says:

    I’m thinking those guys are in need of a 12-step program or intervention; despite repeated, near-constant repetition, I still don’t ‘get their point’. I can read their words, but, their point or the gist of it what they are attempting to convey doesn’t stick … it’s as if it is too, ‘vaporous’, maybe with too many voices and no lead singer or concept to look to.

    Simplified: “Where’s then beef”. Some hints, perhaps, for those guys.

    o Bullet-point the major concepts
    o Run through an example or two
    o SLOW DOWN and come down to a practical level
    o STOP showing graphs; at this point they are meaningless (to getting ppl to understand their concept and methodology and what their differences in methodology are compared to others.)

    I say this as a technical observer.


  2. Bill S says:

    I second.
    Am on vacation and have time to read. Where do I find context?
    Will get to Wyoming tomorrow – where I will resume calling you ft Collin folks “Greenies”

  3. Mark Luhman says:

    If another method does not reach ones conclusion, you would think Zeke-Mosher might conclude something might be wrong? I am left to assume they were either day dreaming or sleeping in elementary school when there teacher told one way to prove you work is to use a different method to check to see it their original answer is truly correct. Then again maybe they are young enough that that lesson was not taught to them because it might hurt their self esteem.

  4. The Griss says:

    What the heck would Mosher know about climate ?

  5. kuhnkat says:

    I think you should require Zesher-Moke to analyze your process and theirs and show why you are wrong. of course, Mosher won’t, but, Zeke might. The results should be interesting as Zeke explains his assumptions if he takes it on.

  6. Poptech says:

    You might find the real background of Mr. Mosher interesting:

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