Does Anyone At NASA Actually Believe Their Own Crap?

GISS shows about 0.1 C cooling in the Northern Hemisphere from 1950 to 1980, and about 0.2 C warming in the Southern Hemisphere during that time. It is simply not credible that the hemispheres could move opposite each other for 30 years. They both are driven primarily by sea surface temperatures, and warm and cool in phase with each other.

ScreenHunter_349 Jun. 07 21.40Looking at satellite data, there is almost perfect correlation between the trends in the two hemispheres. The northern hemisphere swings are larger, but they both swing in the same direction.

ScreenHunter_355 Jun. 08 04.46 ScreenHunter_357 Jun. 08 04.47

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5 Responses to Does Anyone At NASA Actually Believe Their Own Crap?

  1. Eric Barnes says:

    On payday they do.

  2. Morgan says:

    The northern and southern hemispheres are like 2 different planets. One experiences summer when it’s on the other side of the solar system from the other. So many things can be going on astronomically. Cosmic rays can be hitting that side of the orbit more, or coming from the north for a few years or decades and then from the south. Vostok ice cores don’t line up with greenland very much at all.

  3. Truthseeker says:

    There is a lot more ocean in the Southern Hemisphere compared to the Northern Hemisphere. So there is a much larger hydro-cycle occurring down south which would moderate any temperature cycle that is occurring.

    The tilt of the planet makes a difference as well, but I am not sure by how much.

  4. Gail Combs says:

    “GISS shows about 0.1 C cooling in the Northern Hemisphere from 1950 to 1980, and about 0.2 C warming in the Southern Hemisphere during that time. “

    As Truthseeker said there is a lot more ocean in the Southern Hemisphere compared to the northern hemisphere. That means there is a lot more data that can be made up.

    Also because there is a lot more ocean and water has a much higher heat capacity, the swings in temperature are going to be moderated as the RSS data shows.

    Here is verity Jones’ plot of world surface station dropout vs dT link

    E.M. Smith in his Bolivia Effect post shows how few actual readings there are link in the southern hemisphere and how hotter stations are smeared.

    ….Notice that nice rosy red over the top of Bolivia? Bolivia is that country near, but not on, the coast just about half way up the Pacific Ocean side. It has a patch of high cold Andes Mountains where most of the population live…..

    One Small Problem with the anomally map. There has not been any thermometer data for Bolivia in GHCN since 1990.

    None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Nothing. Empty Set.

    So just how can it be so Hot Hot Hot! in Bolivia if there is NO data from the last 20 years?

    Easy. GIStemp “makes it up” from “nearby” thermometers up to 1200 km away. So what is within 1200 km of Bolivia? The beaches of Chili, Peru and the Amazon Jungle.

    Not exactly the same as snow capped peaks and high cold desert, but hey, you gotta make do with what you have, you know? (The official excuse given is that the data acceptance window closes on one day of the month and Bolivia does not report until after that date. Oh, and they never ever would want to go back and add date into the past after a close date. Yet they are happy to fiddle with, adjust, modify, and wholesale change and delete old data as they change their adjustment methods…)

    Notice too that you can clearly see the Canadian warmth is in an arc around the population centers and down toward the warmer south. The “in fill” has to come from somewhere… And we still have “the Bolivia Effect”. BTW, that arctic red is questionable at best (they use interpolated estimates from ice estimates in the Arctic) but at least we can see that Northern Canada is empty as is much of Africa and the heart of South America. Oh, and notice all those yellow island spots? [in the Southern Hemisphere] Those are the airports on each of those islands…

    So E.M. Smith and Verity Jones also noticed the same problem Steve has. “inconvenient data” is removed and replaced by made-up data that is always warmer. And that is the scientific evidence we are using to destroy our civilization – NICE!

  5. Aanthanur DC says:

    why teh RSS data, why not the UAH data?

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