Kerry Wants To Kill The Terrorists He Just Released

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Taliban swapped for Bergdahl could be drone targets, Kerry indicates | World news | The Guardian

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34 Responses to Kerry Wants To Kill The Terrorists He Just Released

  1. jimash1 says:

    There are some things hat should be left unsaid.
    Kerry is such a freaking idiot, it defies the imagination.

    • Gail Combs says:


      I think the guy needs duck tape. A LOT of it. IMAGE

      • jimash1 says:

        Perhaps someone could ducttape him to a chair and explain in slowly and loudly that he is currently the top “diplomat” of the US , and how he just screwed the pooch and now he’s saying it’s ugly too.

    • B says:

      It’s obvious. I called it days ago, on this site in fact.
      The fact he is saying just tells us how out of control those in government these days really are, how out in the open they are with their murderous intent, should wake the american sheeple up. A decade or more ago it would have gone unsaid, it would be a conspiracy theory that americans could then ignore. Now at least what the government has become is right in front of them. The problem is that americans now accept it.

      • jimash1 says:

        I am gobsmacked at your gormlessness .
        You completely miss the point.
        Kerry firstly made a very bad deal, in which we declare and end to hostilities without receiving any concession or proof of goodwill from the enemy. A 10 year old could see that.
        Then we released the 5 most dangerous unlawful combatants ( 2 wanted by the UN for crimes against humanity) that we have been holding ( in complete legality ) who have already declared their intention to not only fight and try to kill, and kidnap our people, but also to return to their position of power oppressing the people of Afghanistan, a development that is one with the global Jihad theme of our unlawful ( by Geneva Convention) combatant, enemies in general.
        To get back a rank deserter, whose rescue from his hostage situation, I supported and still do, but not like this.
        And then, the Secretary of Bleeding State, who is supposed to be capable of knowing what and what not to say, says what everyone knows, and hopes agains hope will actually happen ( diplomatically unpopular and difficult to manage), that we will exercise our power and kill these 5 blatant terrorists rather than let them take up arms or power again despite having released them into almost total freedom, becuase they are so damn dangerous and evil, Yes B., they are Evil.
        He must be an idiot.
        Everyone wants to kill them. But saying so is stupid for the SofS. If you don’t want these evil men eliminated there is something wrong with you,

        • B says:

          No, you miss the point. The whole thing is a farce. It’s been a farce from day one. It’s a play so people like you wet their pants and demand the government protect them. It’s about manipulating us. War is about profits and power. Beyond that it’s a sick game that politicians play using our wealth and our lives because they get off on it and gain personally from it in addition to the power that the government gains. The idea is to strip americans of wealth. The treasure taken by conquest goes to the crony corporations. The american people get to pay the costs and die fighting the wars with no other benefit.

          Look at how our dear leaders fight these wars. They do it in a wayto make more enemies. Do they care about the hearts and minds? No. They use drones to create more people that may seek revenge.

          Your response is every bit as predicable as the coming drone attacks to get these five. It’s a manipulation of the american people more than anything else. Maybe you’ve noticed, but it’s the US federal government that has been funding and arming this so called enemy since the 1980s if not earlier and still are (Syria, Libya) And we can go back to the 1950s and 60s for other things. Sending five guys back into the field of play is nothing new. Take a look at the guy with the exploding underpants. No visa. No passport. But he gets on a plane to the USA. How does that happen? Because people in the US government wanted it to happen. It’s a play.

          Kerry knows the american people are a bunch of idiots and he’s playing them. It’s just being done more openly now. They are pushing things. Seeing how much they can get away with. They are putting it in our face now with how ridiculous it is.

        • Robertv says:

          B +1

        • B says:

          Article showing these ‘evil dangerous men’ are nothing more than actors in this docudrama. Largely victims of shifting alliances and double crosses.

        • _Jim says:

          B normally looks to be firing on all cylinders, then there are those times that the governor sticks and the engine over-revs and begins to misfire due to valve float …

        • Do they care about the hearts and minds? No. They use drones to create more people that may seek revenge.

          We enforced martial law in Germany into the 1960s, we shot looters without trial, & we made it illegal to be a member of the National Socialist party, or to even use their symbols. In Japan we bombed the piss out of them, then crammed a constitution that we liked down their throats, & took away all of the lands they conquered, & they weren’t allowed to have a functional military until the 1990s. You “win hearts & minds” by killing your enemies & handing out beatings until the entire generation who opposed you is dead.

        • B says:

          I grew up and out of the ‘just nuke ’em glass parking lot kill them all’ stuff. Things just aren’t that simple. Even WW2 wasn’t cut and dry when you start to dig past the grade school text books and History channel stuff.

          People are people the world over. Put yourself in the position of those ordinary people who are getting killed and their family members. Think about how you would feel.

          But if you don’t believe me what a farce things are, here’s some news:

          The tailban have the modern version of the stinger missile thanks to the CIA. Gee, wonder how that happened? It’s a complex game with lots of interactions and loyalties. The american people never had an interest in this part of the world, but those in power in the USA do. So we get to pay for the game they want to play. We pay so people like Kerry can play their games of “Risk”.

        • Colorado Wellington says:

          I grew up and out of …

          You outgrew the men who won WWII …

          Let it sink in, B, and report back how great it feels.

  2. jimash1 says:

    hat= that

  3. Truthseeker says:

    Just wait until they go to their first wedding …

  4. Mike D says:

    Once the US pulls out, how exactly are these guys going to be droned? Are there drones getting Al Qaeda members in Iraq? Or does their moving to the cities afterwards show how naive this idea is?

    • jimash1 says:

      Technically speaking, it would be possible that you yourself could operate a drone,
      anywhere in the world, from your XBox, if they hooked you up. Doing it from a Military base though, is still the way things are done.
      The simple truth is that it violates the airspace of countries we are not at war with, which is frowned upon in international relations, like with Pakistan, Qatar and Yemen, see ?

      • Mike D says:

        You should send your comments to Mr. Secretary. Because no one thinks it is a technical issue. It is clear as day about ability to get there. Once the US pulls out, which nations do we overfly, and then how do you find these guys in a place where we have no reconnaissance? The plan is to drop down to 9,800 this year, then half that by the end of 2015, then completely out by the end of 2016.

      • Mike D says:

        I should add that I don’t believe him at all. This is an attempt to pretend they had this all thought out all along.

  5. Morgan says:

    If they were drone targets he may have kept his mouth shut. The fact that he says it, means it’s probably not true. Diplomacy means keeping your mouth shut, it also means lying.

  6. Andy DC says:

    Release them just to drone them. I tell you, this man Kerry is just brilliant!

  7. Shazaam says:

    Makes one wonder how many of the Laughingstock-in-chief’s merry band of czars are taking mood & mind altering (prescription, not recreational) pharmaceuticals.

    Given that many of the mass shooting suspects also seem to have been taking these drugs, we should be very worried about the fools and knaves in DC.

  8. annieoakley says:

    It will be hard to get all 5 before they kill again. That one ugly beard killed 5 just because he didn’t like them. Five heads all in a row and he is kneeling above them with the bloody butcher knife in his hand proud as can be. All Muslims apparently, just a different tribe.

    • Mike D says:

      Unfortunately, they’re going to do some pretty bad things to the Afghanis. At some point they may reach out internationally, but it seems more likely they try to gain power in Afghanistan since there will be an opportunity just around the corner.

    • Robertv says:

      If I was one of the 5 I would have myself checked for a possible implant of a tracking device. Everyday those devices are getting smaller and smaller. A walking cellphone.

  9. Tel says:

    How do you think Qatar would react if the USA started bombing them? Supposedly they are on good terms with the USA, or at least not particularly bad terms.

  10. Dr No says:

    Trying to Out-Putin Putin, eh?

  11. James the Elder says:

    I’d put a few dollars on Obama emptying Gitmo if a Republican makes the White House. The southern border has already been thrown wide open for any and all, so the Gitmo boys will have a free pass if they want to come up north. Out of Afghanistan? Doubt it. We’ll be there another 20 years disguised at a UN “Peacekeeping Operation”. One thing for sure: When this obamanation is finally gone, whoever follows will be neck deep in the $hit he leaves behind. We may never recover.

  12. There Is No Substitute for Victory. says:

    When I saw John Kerrey laying flowers at a D-Day memorial I half expected him to launch into his Genghis Khan soliloquy about the legality of WWII and the GIs’ conduct in that war.

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