Learning To Think Like A Progressive

Heartland posted a billboard a couple of years ago pointing out that some of the worst mass murderers in US history were climate activists. The left was outraged and said Heartland was smearing a broad range of people over the actions of a few.

Yesterday, some psychos went on a murder-suicide rampage in Las Vegas, so Eric Holder immediately responded by promising to investigate conservative groups. And every murder is the fault of the NRA. And every storm is the fault of the closest skeptical politician. And Obama says that everything bad in the world is due to George W Bush.

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8 Responses to Learning To Think Like A Progressive

  1. _Jim says:

    As best as I can determine, this is the short story of the cop-killers in the
    shooting in Las Vegas this last Sunday.

    1) Jerad Miller age 31
    2) Amanda Miller age 22, wife

    Jerad Miller:

    o convicted of felony vehicle theft in Washington state
    o criminal record in Indiana.

    Amanda Miller:

    o married to Jerad in August 2012, according to marriage license on file in Indiana
    o had worked at Hobby Lobby chain store. In a written statement store said was no longer employed there

    According to a neighbor (Krista Koch)

    o Jerad Miller would dress up as Slenderman and Joker from “Batman,”
    o Wife Amanda Miller would dress up as the character Harley Quinn


    Suspects fled on foot from Cici’s across the street to nearby Wal-Mart
    after shooting the two cops in Cici’s.

    Jerad Miller fired a single shot upon entering Wal-Mart.

    A patron at the Wal-Mart store was carrying a firearm and confronted
    Jerad Miller, but did not realize that he was accompanied by Amanda
    Miller, who shot and killed the CCW holder. He was identified as 31
    year-old Joseph Wilcox of Las Vegas.

    Most likely scenario (conjecture from a poster below the story):

    – – – – –

    Young women hooked on drugs falls in love with an older guy who’s
    also hooked on drugs and they kill cops who they hate and then kill

    They saw no future and had no college and no skills and were too lazy
    to work, so drugs, anger and hate took over.

    That’s the most likely storyline behind all this regardless if they
    were far right. If they were leftists the same thing would have happened.

    The Bundy Ranch is no bigger a factor than the Santa Barbara shooting
    being the son of a far left movie producer. The storyline here is
    the same as all the others. Mental illness is on the rise and the
    wiping out of the middle class might be a factor with more and more
    young people seeing no future and giving up. Young people need to
    fight through the problems and can’t keep giving up

    – – – – –

    Based on new details here:


  2. _Jim says:

    More – The guy was a chemtrail believer too – here’s his facebook page:


    And didn’t like Fox News either, by the looks of it.


  3. Gail Combs says:

    It does not matter. The MSM SAYS they are right wing-nuts so that is what people will believe.

    It is a part of the myth that it is gun toting redneck conservatives that are murderers not peaceful sweetness and light vegetarian environmentalists. You know people like Hitler….

  4. Pathway says:

    There are vast stretches in the west where we can build reeducation camps. Daily reading of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and other right wing literature will be required. All book covers will be red, so the progressive mind will believe they are really reading from Mao’s little book.

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