Protecting Climate Corruption

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After the Challenger disaster, Congress assembled a team of people from a wide range of disciplines to figure out what went wrong. They understood that NASA would never tell them the truth, and as a result of bringing in outsiders they were able to quickly determine what went wrong.

NASA still won’t tell the truth, but Democrats will only listen to them about climate. Democrats refuse to listen to anyone who isn’t an insider profiting off the climate scam, and thus they keep the climate scam alive.

Republicans in the House need to assemble a team of experts from outside the climate community, and quit listening exclusively to the criminals who are pushing this scam.

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21 Responses to Protecting Climate Corruption

  1. Jason Calley says:

    “Republicans in the House need to assemble a team of experts from outside the climate community, and quit listening exclusively to the criminals who are pushing this scam.”

    Yes, they really do need to. If they care about this nation, they WILL do so. If they don’t — well, that will tell us something important.

  2. Sean says:

    Interesting to choose the loss of the shuttles as examples. Both spacecraft were ultimately lost due to cold temperatures.

    • Chuck says:

      It was posted because of Richard Feynman who is quoted at the top of this blog. Also, faulty o-rings failed the challenger as a result of a lack of safety oversight from NASA. It was merely the cold weather that exposed the lack of oversight.

      • Gamecock says:

        It’s more sinister than that. The o-rings had just been replaced by Morton-Thiokol because they contained . . . wait for it . . . asbestos. Operational capabilities had been changed.

        Asbestosphobia did in the Challenger.

        • Jason Calley says:

          There seems to be evidence that the peeling insulation from the external fuel tank was a result of the same kind of thinking. The fuel tanks were originally cleaned and scrubbed with a rather toxic mix of chemicals to prepare them for the spray on insulation. The insulation bonded well to the tank. A decision was made to go to more environmentally friendly chemicals for preparing the tanks — after which the insulation stuck not quite so well, resulting in pieces sometime peeling off and striking the shuttle.

          I guess you have to break a few astro-eggs to make an environmentally friendly omelet.

        • _Jim says:

          The o-rings had just been replaced by Morton-Thiokol because they contained . . . wait for it . . . asbestos.

          Almost completely true. Read through to the end to find the complete answer …

          This publication (Engineering Design, Planning, and Management by Hugh Jack) goes into a little more detail on the ‘asbestos putty’ used; it does not mention a change out of putty.

          This publication (Degrees of Belief: Subjective Probability and Engineering Judgment
          by Steven G. Vick)
          does mention changes that Morton Tiokol was making a change to the putty, but not simply because the EPA had banned the use of asbestos; amplification of a a thought: simplistic thinking seems to assume that the use of asbestos was used on account of simple ‘insulation’ properties and I’m going to counter that by asserting that the asbestos can be present for other ‘structural’ reasons such as changing the ‘flow’ or plasticity characteristics, since this putty was to act more as a high-temperature seal than as a simple ‘heat’ insulator.

          This source says:

          The putty was changed because the asbestos in the original Fuller O’Brien putty was banned by the EPA. The subsequent putty used did not contain asbestos. There were several vendors used, one of whom, Randolf, immediately followed the use of the Fuller O’Brien putty. The change in putty has been blamed by some for the increase in joint O-Ring erosion problems, but all that is just speculation without tests to confirm or disprove the theories.

          This document addresses ‘thermal insulation’ applications of materials, as opposed to sealing, as putty and O-rings provide:

          Thermal insulators are used between the nozzle ablative (erodible) and structural materials for protection of the latter from the high temperature exhaust gases. They may also be used externally for protection from aerodynamic heating. The most common nozzle insulating materials are composites of asbestos fibers and phenolic resins, and coatings of ceramic refractory materials, principally zirconium dioxide.

          as opposed to the use of putties in general:

          Sealants such as zinc chromate putty and silicone grease may be used to plug cracks. O-rings of rubber are used where more positive seals are required.

          From this document we find:

          In the beginning of the development program the concept was that the putty would act somewhat like a “piston in a cylinder” when the propellant was ignited. As the chamber pressure built up, the putty was to move downstream and compress the air in the path between it and the primary O-ring. The compressed gas was to seat the O-ring and thereby seal the joint. Besides, even if the primary O-ring didn’t seal, surely the secondary O-ring would, since it had already been pressure checked, which verified it was seated in the downstream position.


          On April 12, 1984, John Miller, Chief of the Solid Motor Branch of NASA, wrote a memo to Mr. Horton, Chief Engineer, SRB Engineering Office, MSFC which referred to concerns with putty made by Randolph.

          The Randolph putty was selected on the basis that it had several desirable performance characteristics. The change in putty was made after Fuller-O’Brien discontinued making putty because their product contained asbestos.

          Mr. Miller noted, “Stacking difficulties and observed O-ring anomalies appear to be more frequent with Randolph putty than with the previously used Fuller-O’Brien putty.” Miller requested that Thiokol expedite development and qualification of a putty with properties similar to those of Fuller-O’Brien.


      • _Jim says:

        faulty o-rings failed the challenger as a result of a lack of safety oversight from NASA.

        On that specific event it should be said that NASA management countermanded engineering input. Engineers gave the no-go signal on account of no experience with launches in that temperature profile (knowing the risk that non-pliable O-rings presented) BUT NASA management said “We are going to fly anyway.”


  3. NavarreAggie says:

    “Republicans in the House need to assemble a team of experts from outside the climate community, and quit listening exclusively to the criminals who are pushing this scam.”

    Unfortunately, that would first require them to grow a pair :/

  4. Three cheers for Feynmann

    • Gail Combs says:


      His sister, Joan Feynman works for NASA. In the last paper I read by her, she had to use the CAGW get out of jail free card to get her paper published, but she still managed to get her knife in and twist it.

  5. Benito Suarez says:

    Nice connection. People generally have positive feelings about NASA and hence Hansen et al. but they don’t have positive thoughts about the shuttle disasters. This is a good way to get people to distrust the NASA climate catastrophists, as they should.

  6. B says:

    “Republicans in the House need to assemble a team of experts from outside the climate community, and quit listening exclusively to the criminals who are pushing this scam.”

    Why on Earth would they do that? What’s in it for them? They benefit from the climate scam too. Their track record proves they will do as democrats do with the things they complain about, enjoy all the new powers and money when their people are in control.

    • Mike D says:

      Honestly, most seem too ignorant to even know there is a scam. Many seem to suspect it, but I’ve never seen any use facts (other than say the lack of warming) as counter. Or even worse, they quote a UN report. None mention the arctic ice level coming back, or the global ice level, or any of the other stats like hurricane landfalls, tornadoes, record highs or lows, etc. as are reported here.

  7. Truthseeker says:

    USA (like Australia) have two major political parties that are the same for all intents and purposes.

    It is collectivists to the left, collectivists to the right and collectivists all around us.

    People in power will always want more power. Politicians always become collectivists regardless of which “party” they “represent”.

  8. emsnews says:

    This blog has a touching faith in the GOP which is really sad.

    By the way, no one really cares about the ‘climate’, the play for power is #1 for everyone seeking power. Power corrupts.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Not me.

      I believe in equality. I equally distrust the ReBOOBlicans and the Demi-RATS.

      Explanation of why Corporate Cartels are pro-socialism: (Actually third way Corporatism)

      The Fabian founded London School of Economics used to have this up but have now removed it from their website. Anthony Giddens was president of LSE and LSE trains world leaders in politics, economics, finance and business.
      A Third Way for the European Union I can not find an actual copy of the essay that was on the LSE website but this redirects to a video.

      Another essay by Giddens. The Third Way Revisited

      Tony Blair and Bill Clinton are big fans of the Third Way. You can google and find the links.

      More on third way from E.M. Smith (Chiefio)

      Dear Ms Merkel – phone encryption

      Dear Ms Merkel

      I understand that the U.S. Government has been listening in on your “private” phone calls. You have my sympathy. You see, it seems that the Government here has decided to spy on everyone. ( I used to say “My Government”, but since the pathologically named “Patriot Act”, that seems increasingly out of touch with reality. This is no longer a government “of the People. by the People, for the People”. It is now a government of the well connected elite for the purpose of increasing their power and wealth. If that involves trampling your “privacy”, well, small price to pay for domination…

      It does not matter much if they are a ‘Progressive / Aso-Liberal (American Social Liberal, a kind of socialist – as opposed to the Classical Liberal of the U.K.) / Socialist / Leftist’ or whatever other name that group has cooked up for themselves lately. (They have a long history of re-branding and trying to be a new fresh advertizing name in front of the same package of failed Central Authority & Control. It is always the same old Marxist stale fail crap…..

      ….So now, a good 30 or 40 years into the American slide into Central Authority & Control (whatever you call it, and if ‘left’ or ‘right’ labeled), we have a nice comfortable Police State. The Police State, like the farm, is a very comfortable, secure, and well fed place, with nice cages to live in; right up until the Farmer gets hungry… Well, a great information hunger sprung up in Washington during the Cold War. When that ended, a load of folks needed to justify their existence. Along came “Terrorism”… Our latest fun fraud is the idea of having a war on an idea. Like a “War On Drugs” or a “War On Terrorism”, or any one of dozens of other “Wars On Thoughts” or “Wars On Stuff”. You can only have a war WITH another Person or collection of persons. Somehow this truth is uncomfortable for The Powers That Be. Likely because they find an amorphous idea easier to war with in perpetuity, than a war on an actual people… Someone might ask the embarrassing questions, like, if all the “terrorists” are muslims, why isn’t it called a ‘war on muslims’?…

      Now we are nearing the end game. Collapse of cultures and Empire moves slowly some times. It can take decades, or even centuries. But the end game tends to the same profile. The People discover they are in comfortable cages, but not being fed as well nor protected as well as they thought. The see a very few with untold power and wealth abusing their position. Folks are forgiving, and some are a bit slow, but eventually the day comes where they realize they are not getting all that good a deal. Well, that’s all it takes, really. Not some giant revolution. A few folks will make that happen. The major part of the collapse is hidden below the water line. That is the simple “failure to support” the power structure. Little things, like me talking to my son about volunteering for the military. Which way that conversation goes depends on the larger context. Or the willingness to get up and go to work every day. If, as a grunt, you get about the same ration of chow in the slop trough if you pull the plough or just lay around the pen, well, laying around the pen looks more pleasant. Like the conscripts in Italy who had a mediocre performance under Mussolini (and his “Bundle” / Fascist flavor of Socialism – with focus on labor unions (the ‘bundle’) and Central Control of businesses – the first “Third Way” or “Market Socialism” – currently being resurrected as the darling of The Left under a new name).

      Every day, someone has to make the machine we call civilization work. That works best as a “Self Organizing System”. A distributed set of independent actors. Private enterprise. FREE Markets (not ones regulated to death and under Central Control). Individual contributed welfare via things like churches. (not the bogus lie based ‘contributions’ that are forced from folks by law and taxes – any ‘contribution’ that is not voluntary is NOT a contribution, it is an extortion…) We simply must have those ‘bottom up’ self organizing systems or we will fail. Look at all of history. Central Authority grows until it fails, then it fails spectacularly. Every single time. Usually in wars, often with failure of food production and distribution, frequently with a great reduction in the “Elite”… (Remember the “French Haircut” of the French Revolution…) It takes a lot to reach that point, but well before then, folks just stop showing up to crank the machine. Or they work it only enough to avoid punishment; but well below what a free people will do. As Central Control grows, the regular folks struggle for a while, but then just adapt. It doesn’t take much to keep us happy, and we can do that for ourselves. Unlike power hungry Central Authoritarians, we don’t need admiration from anyone (above or below), nor vast wealth, nor power driven ego. We like things like chocolate chip cookies, beer, a bit of TV, maybe a video game, and some time in bed. Pretty easy to do that, even “all on your own”. Basically, we don’t need them. They need us. We can just walk away…..

    • _Jim says:

      re: emsnews says June 10, 2014 at 11:38 am

      This blog has a touching faith in the GOP which is really sad.

      By the way, no one really cares about the ‘climate’, the play for power is #1 for everyone seeking power. Power corrupts.

      Truly tragic, a one-dimensional thinker; anything beyond the complexity of ‘running water’ must just simply amaze you, as if it were all magic, as all being seen for the first time appears as witnessed by the eyes and mind a three year old …


    • Sharpshooter says:

      It’s not a faith many have, but a desperate HOPE in the one last barrier before the Dark Ages enfold us. It seems, more and more, that that hope is misplaced.

  9. Ron C. says:

    Unfortunately, the funding for climate alarmism is extremely large. Here’s an indication of the magnitude from NAS:

    “The U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) comprises thirteen federal research agencies. It has received approximately $2.5 billion in federal funding each year for the last three years, which it then distributes to its constituent agencies.”

    And the Republican-controlled House is not cutting back, despite criticisms:

    “According to the 2010 Climate Assessment Report that the U.S. submitted to the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), the USGCRP projects were “extensively reviewed by scientists, federal agency officials, stakeholders, and the general public.” But, as detailed in another ITSSD publication (and summarized by NAS), the peer review processes were compromised, flawed, not transparent, and potentially biased—despite the fact that federal laws and regulations require the EPA to back its findings with rigorous, peer-reviewed science.”

    “Nevertheless, the federal government continues to fund these research projects, and Congress in the fiscal year 2015 Appropriations bill (H.R. 4660) approved funding increases for NSF ($233 million increase), NASA ($250 million increase), and NOAA ($10.5 million increase).”

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