80 Years Ago, 80% Of The US Was In Drought

Eighty years ago this summer, more than 80% of the US was experiencing drought, and about half the country was in extreme drought.

1934 was also the second hottest summer in US history, after 1936. Climate experts say that heat and drought are getting worse, due to Mann-made CO2.


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5 Responses to 80 Years Ago, 80% Of The US Was In Drought

  1. philjourdan says:

    It is the chronotonic properties of SUV CO2 Pollution. They travel back in time.

  2. Jason Calley says:

    I am sure that this will be on the news soon….

    “A new study traces the relationship between severe drought and climate change! Scientists say that continuing warming will lead to massive large scale droughts, with over four fifths of the mainland US covered by drought. The study concludes that we can expect to see these changes in only, uh, well, uh… that we can expect to see these changes by 1934!”

    I have moved past “sceptic” into the land of “cynic”. Every time I hear some talking head say something is “unprecedented”, I know that what they mean is “I have not noticed it much lately.”

  3. Gamecock says:

    In an era of government falsifying data, I was immediately suspicious of the “Palmer Modified Drought Index.”

    I thought, “Just who is this Palmer guy, and what modifications did he make?”

  4. Curious how the ’30s heat wave didn’t spur economic growth and offset FDR’s mastery of depression economics.

    It’s like socialism is a bigger factor in economic growth than weather.

  5. Kumar says:

    now a days scientis are also part of conspiracy. they never tell the truth. they always give estimates. and science has priciple rule not to give assumptions but give sound results after some assumptions. today they are not real scientists.
    by the way. all this is controlled by planets. when certain time comes droughts happens or flood comes. nobody stop them. modern and technologicaly advanced U.S. Britain, China, Japan are helpless when planets play.

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