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The Obama Doctrine

President Obama has put his underlying policy doctrine on display. Terrorists should be freed from prison and heavily armed, so that they can retake Iraq American political opponents like Dinesh D’Souza should be imprisoned “Al Qaeda is on the run“ The Iraqi … Continue reading

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Nobel Prize Winning Forecast Runs Into A Minor Snag

Nobel Laureate (and inventor of the Internet) Al Gore solemnly predicted that there was a 75% chance the Arctic would be ice-free this summer. But he ran into a minor problem. With only 90 possible melt days remaining, the ice … Continue reading

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The Roots Of ObamaScience

Steve Milloy dug this up. Obama is following through on a long tradition of Policy Based Evidence Making.

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Obama Says He Will “Even Talk To Sportsmen”

I heard President Obama on the radio talking about the epidemic of school shootings by psychotic young men armed with knives, guns, cars and explosives. He said he would “even be willing to talk to sportsmen about the problem” Is … Continue reading

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