The Obama Doctrine

President Obama has put his underlying policy doctrine on display.

  1. Terrorists should be freed from prison and heavily armed, so that they can retake Iraq
  2. American political opponents like Dinesh D’Souza should be imprisoned
  3. “Al Qaeda is on the run

The Iraqi government has lost control of its third-largest city to Al Qaeda-inspired insurgents, a crushing defeat for not only Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s security policies but for Iraqi politics as a whole.

The scale of the catastrophe, as troops loyal to Mr. Maliki flood north and troops controlled by the Kurdish Regional Government rush west and south, can’t be overstated. Chicago is the United States’ third-largest city. Munich is Germany’s. Osaka is Japan’s.

Why Mosul’s fall is a signature moment in Iraq (+video) –

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17 Responses to The Obama Doctrine

  1. philjourdan says:

    Well, they are on the run. With guns and tanks and other weapons to capture cities.

  2. _Jim says:

    “Its good to be the King” covers it all.

    (When you’re as dysfunctional as this j*ck*ss is, forget trying to use reason to change his mind.)

  3. darrylb says:

    Chuck Nagel will be testifying within the hour–should be interesting

  4. _Jim says:

    Maybe a good descrip of the Obam admin:

    . . Drivin’ With Your Eyes Closed – Don Henley

    (A really well-done music-video BTW)


  5. David D. says:

    When my wife and I were in Venice last summer we were dining at a great restaurant and the proprietor was an Egyptian Copt who had lived in Venice for twenty years. I speak Italian, so we had a foreign policy discussion. It was hard to keep up with him as he was so animated and angry but basically he said: You Americans ruin every country you go into. I agreed with him and mentioned Iraq in particular. We ruined Iraq. It will never be the same. Afghanistan will recover under Taliban rule. Naturally this person was more concerned with our policies towards Egypt. His advice to us: stay out of the Middle East, stay out of Egypt. He said we don’t want your money or your arms or your humanitarian help. I think there is a lesson to be learned here. Our Middle East policy is a tragic mess. But the proprietor and I parted on friendly terms and agreed it was an enlightening conversation.

    • Gail Combs says:

      The Africans I know say the same thing.

      • Gail Combs says:


        This is what I am talking about. It is from several years ago.

        I’m currenly working with someone from Africa who is trying to save the Zebu cattlle in Kenya. These cattle, indigenous to the area, therefore better for their use, are being replaced by other cattle…..(surprize)!
        I have told the man some of what is going on here. (He is actually currently in the US for a short time.) I asked him about the USDA. Seems as though they are as “loved” there as they are here, by us. And they are screwing things up just as bad there too.
        I have enclosed 2 of his responses to share with you. Lots of damage being done.

        …Don’t even start me with the USDA. They work in the world under united states urgency for international development, and they are the biggest dumpers of dangerous foods in terms of aids any burned food staff from USA they dump there including chemicals , Village do not accept free dry milk and food staff any more any thing with the USAID and USDA the villages will take and they will just feed the to the animals.They lost so many children with the powdered milk formula because they were mixing it with untreated water and that made it so poisonous to children when they drink it they were never told to use treated water to mix the milk with…..

        Yes we have allot of Government interference but the biggest thread to our survival is the Billion of American tax money and any other rich countries sending to Africa for poverty eradication.I will foreword you the article I wrote about the donor money to Africa.
         The government and big malty national cooperation’s are our number one enemy.
        In my village the large Sugar industry is killing us. first they asked people to clear the forests to grow sugar cane , sugar cane takes two years to harvest, but because of corruption it takes up to seven years sometimes if you do not pay kick back they will never come to harvest your sugar cane,and even if they cut after seven years they deduct so much fees that most small scale farmers wind up owing them money.

         The worst thing they did is that they coursed so much land degradation of small farmers by using too much nitrogen phosphate chemical fertilizers and over relying on just one crop without rotation.This has created the top soil to be so acidic and since the villagers cleared the trees to make room for sugar cane crops there is nothing to prevent top soil from getting washed into the rivers then on to lake Victoria. Please google the effect of nitrogen phosphate into Lake Victoria and you can see the damage to the lake. All the river streams flowing into the Lake are carrying so much soil and Chemical fertilizers in such a way that in a few years there will be no Lake Victoria. Here is what new york Times write about What Heifer International , and Land O lake is doing to Africa and the world it is a shame. Heifer international Animals dies within three months of their arival to Africa….

    • _Jim says:

      He said we don’t want your money …

      Can’t hardly accept that; for the sake of argument with you he makes that claim …

      • David D. says:

        Just reporting what happened. Naturally this Egyptian does not like our foreign policy. He said our money is corrupt and destroys communities. I knew he was biased but it’s clear: we are not liked in the world. Even the Pope condemns us.

        • _Jim says:

          I don’t think the Pope is using good judgement when he does that; these ppl are taking THE WORST that has happened and forgetting THE GOOD that has been done …

          Ingrates *, all.

          I suppose by turnabout one should suspect all priests of _____ too, huh? But, I do not, I like to think I may be above stooping to that level.


          * Ingrate – a person who does not show proper appreciation or thanks for something : an ungrateful person.

        • David D. says:

          Ingrates? From what I gather from spending time in Italy France and England over the years is that Europeans and Middle Eastern countries resent are pushing them around. As I said Iraq is ruined permanently. Afghan will be under Taliban rule which is best because Afghan has always been a tribal country and the Taliban knows best how to govern there. It’s interesting that so much of the money we give to the Karzai regime seems to end up in Taliban hands. Obama’s foreign policy of no aggression is best for the modern world. If we stay out there will no longer be “ingrates”. Obama’s greatest achievement is that he’s changed the mindset of America. We are a different country now with a new demographic, a new morality and ethic, a new secularism, a new materialism and above all a new pursuit of knowledge. Out of this new milieu arises a new foreign policy. Hillary will continue these policies. That will mean 16 years of democratic rule. What does this mean? It means the final solution to the Republican problem.

        • _Jim says:

          Yes or no: Are they enjoying their freedom this century? I had uncles die seeing that they did …

        • David D. says:

          Freedom is always in flux. I think they are enjoying their continued quest for more freedom and something more operant: power. Like the ever increasing rage of the Hispanics here. The Latino is so angry with the GOP, if they don’t get what they want they’ll just up and take it. They have power and numbers and righteous anger. This adds up to a confrontation. I hear from Latino TV commentators to keep an eye on the Nogales-Tucson corridor. Something’s going to happen there. When? Soon they say.

        • _Jim says:

          re: David D. June 11, 2014 at 10:17 pm
          Freedom is always in flux. …

          Then lets just fuhgeddaboudit and move on. Nothing to see but the same old-same old century after century. This seems to be the despair one sees in the average Mexican too. A resolution to accept that status quo and NEVER take a stand. No exhibition of ‘guts’ seems permitted in Mexican culture. No principled stands. That has been my observation.

          Reading your posts one gets the idea there is no ‘beacon of hope’, that ALL that has gone before is for naught. I take you are a fatalist given the foregoing, and probably find little to live for; no new horizons exist in your world, something along the lines of (a parallel to) “everything that could be invented has been invented.”

          I still insist ‘they’ are ingrates, too. That, my friend, is a ‘stand’.


        • David D. says:

          You misinterpret me. I see a lot of hope everywhere especially with blacks and Latinos and Asians. They will be our new leaders. Hispanics in particular. We need an infusion of their beautiful culture energy and creativity. They are very upset now. Watch. Something is going to happen soon. Obama will give general amnesty and the nation will thrive. I love the USofA and see Latinos as a great gift and resource.

  6. sheafferhistorian says:

    There was one?

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