Experts Blame Polar Divergence From Climate Models On Excess CO2

The poles refuse to melt as predicted by leading experts. They blame this deviant behavior on excess CO2, or ozone, or missing heat at the bottom of the sea, or Chinese aerosols. (2) (512×412)

It couldn’t possibly be that the experts don’t know what they are talking about.


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11 Responses to Experts Blame Polar Divergence From Climate Models On Excess CO2

  1. ozspeaksup says:

    maybe we should call em Fonzies?
    I remember an episode where he couldnt say the word WRONG..
    so much like this mob

  2. Divergence at the poles is a function of the co-ordinate system they have chosen.

  3. lance says:

    It’s like golf, you make a bad shot, and you look at the club

  4. Andy Oz says:

    I have an analogy. If finance is so easy and accountants are experts, how come so few are millionaires? It’s because they don’t understand money. In the same way, climate experts just don’t understand the global climate. Just like accountants that are embarrassed by their current account balance, climate experts cannot look at the current climate data and see it for what it is. The truth – there is no CAGW.

  5. darrylb says:

    lance–a major problem is the MSM gives the climate change gang as many mulligans as they need. They never hold them accountable for what they have predicted.

  6. Andy DC says:

    I recently posted a comment on Climate Progress and gave this link, saying that world sea ice is above normal. I was immediately attacked as a lying denier, just out to cause doubts in people’s minds. Using a perfectly legitimate link to make my point. These people are totally out of touch with reality.

    • Gail Combs says:

      “These people are totally out of touch with reality.”
      Yes, that is the hallmark of Marxism. The continual denial of reality even as it runs over you.

      The philosophical bases of Marx’s thought were laid early and remained unchanged throughout his life. As a student, Marx accepted the philosophy of Hegel as the only sound and adequate explanation of the universe. … Thus, Hegel accepted as real only that which existed in the mind. Objective phenomena and events were of no consequence; only the conceptions of them possessed by human minds were real. Ideas, not objects, were the stuff of which the universe was made. The universe and all events therein existed and took place only in the mind, and any change was a change in ideas. …

      Only city dwellers in their cozy apartments could fall for the idiotic idea that reality is only in their minds and all it takes is wishing and a ‘Consensus’ to create a new reality. They actually believe reality does not have existence outside their wishes.

      And these are the madmen we are allowing to run our country?

  7. Dmh says:

    Note how the global ice now is very to the 1995-2000 period.
    I believe this is telling us that the AMO is already flipping or is about to flip into negative anomalies again.
    Note also how in 2008-09 there was that big push upward.
    That part of the graph shows that *the cause* of the change of the AMO is the low intensity of the solar radiations of the present cycle.
    I thin the recent increased dryness of the atmosphere (few decades) and the the waning magnetic field of Earth (intensified recently?) also have contributed to the high sensibility of Earth’s climate/global ice extent to the “forcing” of the Sun, but I don’t have enough data on these parameters to be able to conclude anything about their influence.

  8. Dmh says:

    3rd note ( 🙂 ): 2007 looks worse than 2012 if you consider the entire global ice, instead of the Arctic ice only.

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