Fox News Focuses On The Important Things In Life

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25 Responses to Fox News Focuses On The Important Things In Life

  1. Jason Calley says:

    Keeping abreast of the news, I see…

  2. gator69 says:

    There is a reason why they call FOX News…

  3. Gamecock says:

    I prefer Angela Tarantula. Hands on winner.

  4. _Jim says:

    Meanwhile, back at the MSNBC nag-and-hag-ranch …

  5. Gail Combs says:

    Depends on your point of view guys, I prefer another Fox Newspersonality.

  6. darrylb says:

    Gator 69 thanks for making me smile about the obvious. and Gail C. showing we have diversity of opinion here. I have thought there really are prerequisites for being on Fox–they really are articulate!!

  7. Sundance says:

    Inspiration for my Obamacare themed Halloween Party costume.

  8. _Jim says:

    Hmmm … can I say this with a straight face: “Only The Best of the Best on Fox“.


  9. geran says:

    Not to worry, I censored myself.

    (Hint: my comment started with “I come to this site daily….”)

    See why I censored myself.

  10. Truthseeker says:

    Maybe they are feeling the competition from Naked News?

  11. Dave N says:

    I’d rather watch Nigella Lawson

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