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The Principles Of Climate Forecasting

Climate models are useless No one can predict the weather more than a few days out Anyone who says they can is not using any legitimate principles of science

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New York Times And Google Take Propaganda Past Soviet Levels

The New York Times has sunk to a point where they simply reverse the facts. Cantor’s Lesson: Hedging on Immigration Is Perilous The lesson that immigration advocates say they gleaned from Tuesday’s election results is, simply put, that hedging on … Continue reading

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Global Warming To Triple Frequency Of Intellectual Prostitution

The authors of this study have absolutely no clue what future temperatures will be, much less what their effect will be on droughts and floods along the Indian Ocean.

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With 70 Days Of Potential Arctic Melting Left, Temperatures Are Well Below Freezing

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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