copa del Mundo

In the US they want you to pay to watch the World Cup, but in Mexico it is free. You can see the  Chile-Oz match here


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21 Responses to copa del Mundo

  1. B.C. says:

    It’s on ESPN2. Not sure how many non-sports networks would carry a soccer match during their evening news slots and bump their regular programming off the air for a sport that most Americans don’t care much about. (At least not the ones who watch local TV for their news.)

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Sadly our side this time isn’t as good as the one which nearly knocked off Italy to make the quarters a couple World Cups back. Good luck guys! After all anything can happen like a 5-1 whitewash of Spain by the Dutch. Maybe the Spanish should’ve capped Fernando to give more spine in their offense, although he is getting a bit old.

    On the other hand as I was writing this comment the Chileans scored twice in two minutes…(wince).

    • Andy Oz says:

      Yep. Chile are playing a super fast one touch game. Oz stuck in first gear. We might do better than Spain…I hope.

  3. Just one more way America subsidizes Mexico…..

  4. kuhnkat says:

    Where can I be PAID to watch it??

  5. Gamecock says:

    Or do like me. I watched Brazil-Croatia on Sports Center. Took 1 minute, 55 seconds. Just covered the action. It was perfect. They did replay the fake foul several times.

  6. Ernest Bush says:

    All 64 games will be carried on ESPN, ESPN2, or ABC. I believe Saturday’s games are on ABC. I watched the Nederland demolish Spain on ESPN this afternoon. ESPN has a complete schedule for those who are interested at their website.

  7. bubbagyro says:

    Who wants to watch it for free? A game of dives, really bad calls, and stalling when ahead.
    “Oh, my legggg!”

    • The problem lies somewhere in allowing Germany & Italy in. The Germans are sticklers for rules, & the stupider the rule, the more closely it must be observed. The Italians are great at crying to their mamas, so the whole thing snowballs into a huge farce of treating a bunch of mama’s boys seriously because the rules say we have to.

      My clever solution is to award a foul regardless of how obvious the dive is, however, the “injured” player must sit out the remainder of the tournament. Then we might see some real play, like guys hobbling around on greenstick fractures hoping like hell they don’t get thrown out.

  8. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    You think the World Cup has nothing to do with Global Warming? Think again:

    How DiCaprio fights global warming

    Mr Titanic sure does things in style.

  9. Robertv says:

    It’s silent in Spain.

  10. Bob Knows says:

    Soccer is so BORING that they would have to pay me to watch, and let me read a good book while I watched.

  11. bubbagyro says:

    No, it would be A great game if the rules were changed to prevent flopping. Floppers and divers should be red carded immediately. Yesterday, I saw a Spanish guy stretch his leg out as far as it would go to trip a dude running by trying to evade him (Netherlands guy). The guy who tripped the guy got a penalty kick and that could have been the game. The trippee got a yellow card. What a farce. There may be a little $$$ corruption in the referee pool.

    The other thing would be to have a shot clock, so the team that is ahead can’t stall. They did that with basketball and it worked (although now there is too short a shot clock in basketball—teams don’t develop team plays, so it is a two-man game mostly. Should be thirty-odd seconds like college).

  12. bubbagyro says:

    Oh, lastly—What kind of a time clock is not able to count down instead of up? Is the count up clock because the fans cannot understand count-down? Are they on average so mentally challenged? With a count-down clock, you can stop the clock for injury time, so you don’t have that asinine, “How much time will be added?” hocus-pocus. What a joke.

    Any sport where you substitute objective rules with subjective ones leads to corruption, foment and confusion. No wonder so many are killed annually in soccer games. “How many more must die, Mr. Speaker, How many more?”

  13. Gamecock says:

    Hey, bubbagyro, while we’re fixing soccer, let’s do away with offside, too.

  14. bubbagyro says:

    I think offside is necessary. Otherwise, there would be “goal hangers” all the time, and there would be even less offense on the other end. One player would have to hang out on defense all the time. IMO.

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